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Kovu comes home today!


Savannah Super Cat
Ty left for the airport early this morning to pick him up in Atlanta and then turn around to fly right back home with our baby boy! I told him to bring an extra blanket in case Kovu has an accident, and to make sure he got everything from the breeder. He said " how am I going to carry this stuff? I am only allowed one carry on item and that is the cat!" I told him you are also allowed to carry a purse, after all, he is picking up a kitten. He was not as amused by this as me, but all I could imagine was my 6'2 retired Army guy carrying a pet bag with a kitten and a purse!

Can't wait for him to get home, though! I swear Nyah knows something is up. She has been crazier than normal and keeps bringing all her toys to me.


Staff member
Can't wait to hear about Ty's trip with Kovu ;) I hope everything goes smoothly! Look forward to photos and stories!