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Kovu & Elijah met Santa today!


Savannah Super Cat
Did you know Santa has a cat named "Miss Claws" because she has six toes on each paw? lol Seems fitting, right? He was so good with Elijah (& Kovu). Once they printed the picture out & realized that Kovu's leash was showing & that Elijah wasn't looking at the camera they offered to take another picture. But the main reason we did it was so Elijah could see Santa & because proceeds went to a rescue. No biggie.. didn't want to try to make them all pose again. haha
Happy Holidays folks!


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Savannah Super Cat
So cute! I think the pic is perfect just like it is :)
I agree. Trying to make it look "perfect" would be kind of silly. Anyone who knows anything about our life knows its def. not perfect..I like the picture a little quirky, it just fits us better. haha