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Kovu has been spraying. :/


Savannah Super Cat
Hi y'all! I've been a member here since we got our F4 Savannah, Kovu, back in February of last year. I've been super busy here lately so I've kind of been MIA.

But I need your help.

In April we noticed Kovu started spraying on Glenn's computer chair. As far as we know that is the ONLY place he has been spraying. He's been neutered for awhile now, so I totally wasn't expecting this. I took him to the vet & they were able to rule out anything physically wrong with him.

We do, unfortunately, have lots of strays in our area. We've been trying to catch them for awhile now so we can get them spayed/neutered and to good homes but we've been unsuccessful. These strays are able to jump our fence and come into the backyard & I think that is why Kovu has been marking Glenn's chair. All night long you can hear those cats meowing.

The vet suggested FeliWay(sp?). I got the plug in & the spray and it really isn't helping much. He won't do it while we are home, I've noticed. But we both have to work. And I really don't want to resort to having to put him in the bathroom while we are at work if I don't have to. I know he likes having his space, but Glenn is getting fed up with our house smelling like cat urine.

The vet also suggested getting a 2nd litter box, which I did. Its been upstairs since April & he has yet to pee in it. He would much rather lay in it for hours.

Would you guys happen to have any other suggestions?


Savannah Super Cat
Sounds pretty good for nuisance critters! Racoons and opossums are usually a problem around my home!

John Popp

Site Supporter
One of the things I had the best success with was a pheromone collar. Similar issues and it worked better than the sprays or plug ins. It wasn't our total solution, but it really kept him at ease once spring rolled around and the windows were open, certainly letting in some scent from the neighborhood strays.

The collars are about $10 apiece and last for about 30 days. The ones I picked up were NatureCalm and although the quality isn't great (one snapped) they do seem to be doing the trick. I have one left and next time I'll try the pheromone collar from Sentry.

As a last ditch effort, I would try a ScatMat on the areas you are having a problem with. Pretty much just a static discharge that keeps your cat away from a specified area. I'm sure the humans will get the small jolt more than your cat will, but they definitely work. We no longer even turn them on, as they see them and turn the other direction.

Generally I'm not a fan of negative reinforcement, especially with a cat, but they simply just work. A week in a problem area, and they simply stay away after the product is removed. Again, humans will be the recipient of more of the static type discharges than your pet will be and just enough of a reminder to stay away.