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Kovu might be a vampire!


Savannah Super Cat
For those of you who have been a part of watching Kovu grow up you will recall the number of questionable moments as to his true identity. Yes I know I have papers indicating he is a f2b SV, and yes he did come from a very reputable breeder, yet he strangely resembled a werewolf at birth: image.jpg

And then his behavior was very similar to descriptions of Tasmanian Devils, plus he began to resemble them: image.jpg

And now this.... He is vampire! image.jpg


Savannah Super Cat
I have seen the lycoi cats, I actually think they are cool looking because they are so unique, but can see where people may do a double take.

I need a Kovu cam. You guys have no idea what a character he is! He is a bit of an embarrassment to catdom what with his aversion to grooming and tripping up stairs or falling off the bed while chasing his tail. Nyah just stares at him sometimes like "you are such a freak". He is noticeably taller than her now, so she may regret bullying him in the near future!

Trish Allearz

The Lykoi are very cute as they grow too. Multiple Savannah peeps would love to own one some day.

That baby kovu pic is to die for cute. Omg.

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That first pic of Kovu made me immediately think of the Lykoi! He is quite the character! I hope we get to see video of some of his nutty behavior in the near future!


Animal Communicator
Ahh I love Lykois...would love to own one one day...although I think Zeddie would break it haha.

Take videos Becki! We want to see Kovu act crazy (it might make me feel better about Zeddie's antics) :p