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Kovu's no good, horrible, bad day


Savannah Super Cat
Around 10am this morning, Kovu started howling and running around in a sort of crouch. When he stopped, he was panting hard. He was clearly in pain by his reaction when I tried to touch him, so I immediately put him in his carrier and took him to the vet.

He has a UTI that must have been so painful. The weird thing is up to this morning, he was showing no signs of illness or inappropriate urination in the house. He has been medicated and is to go back in 14 days to ensure the antibiotics were effective. He is home now, but still looks uncomfortable, though not like this morning. Anything I can do for the poor guy to make him more comfortable?


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Poor Kovu. Sending healing vibes his way. There isn't much you can do other than dietary changes and making sure he drinks plenty of water. If you're feeding any kibble, consider transitioning him to canned.


Savannah Super Cat
He is on raw with some canned but no kibble. My vet was surprised at uti because he is fed raw, but I guess it happens. He is sleeping now, so I hope he is starting to get more comfortable. Thank you for the good thoughts, we both appreciate it!

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Aww poor Kovu! Also sending healing thoughts that the antibiotics will work nice and fast :)


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Poor Kovu...I don't think there is much else you can do except the water and moist food...I wonder if there is a supplement of some sort you can add to his food?

Healing thoughts for Kovu!


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So sorry for you and Kovu. This is how I felt when Spar had terrible diarrhea from coccidia. It was an awful night. Hope your baby sleeps awhile and recovers quickly.

Brigitte Cowell

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Poor Kovu, I hope he feels better soon :-(

As to how quick it is, that is a very cat thing to hide symptoms of distress until it is critical :-(

I'm so sorry, and I have little experience with this. I know that supplements that acidify the urine can help with some cases of chronic UTI... but not sure if that is related to what is going on with Kovu...


not trying to imply that he doesn't have the cleanest litterbox on the planet.... but having gone through the whole UTI thing multiple times, the first thing they tell you is make sure the litterbox is kept spotless, maybe even add another so that there's always a pristine place for him to pee.