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Kronos Overload!



Some pics I got today of my handsome boy:p


  • kronos about to leap.jpg
    kronos about to leap.jpg
    59.4 KB · Views: 21
  • kronos focus.jpg
    kronos focus.jpg
    54 KB · Views: 22
  • kronos light.jpg
    kronos light.jpg
    61.6 KB · Views: 24
  • kronos long.jpg
    kronos long.jpg
    52.1 KB · Views: 22
  • kronos mouth.jpg
    kronos mouth.jpg
    194.3 KB · Views: 22
  • kronos natural light.jpg
    kronos natural light.jpg
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  • kronos peek.jpg
    kronos peek.jpg
    63.9 KB · Views: 19
  • kronos profile.jpg
    kronos profile.jpg
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  • kronos pupils.jpg
    kronos pupils.jpg
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  • kronos solo omg.jpg
    kronos solo omg.jpg
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  • kronos stalking.jpg
    kronos stalking.jpg
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  • kronos worried.jpg
    kronos worried.jpg
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Staff member
Wow, Kronos is really growing up! I love the pics of Kronos and Solo together!!! Great shots, Alisha!


Savannah Super Cat
What camera do you use? I feel I may have asked this already... Maybe I missed a reply? Whatever is the pictures turn out great