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LaLa's baby girl



No not too dark at all, I could still see everything. Sometimes I wish Keljin could be a momma.. He licks and grooms me so much it makes me imagine him as a girl with some baby kittens of his own lol. I love how bright the white is in the little one's ears too :) very cute video


Staff member
That is sooo precious! And that kitten has some major Dumbo ears going on there!! :up:


Staff member
Oh please save me! That kitten's face is just to die for. Sniff, I get weepy every darn time I see a vid of kittens with their moms; or kittens playing; or sleeping; or just sitting there looking cute....geez I need to develop tougher skin.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
So sweet :) I love momma's protective arm (or holding the kitten in place, lol). And what beautiful babies!