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Last set of shots!!


Savannah Adult
Hi All,
Here are some pictures of our precious 4-month old kitten. He got his last set of shots (16-weeks) today, and he is spending most of the day sleeping (as you can see :)..It's been tempting to just sleep all day with him :)



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Savannah Super Cat
Such a face he has. I know that look, Ayanai gives it to me when I am not as timely on my royal duties as I should be. Yay for last set of shots being over with. I foresee plenty of trouble making in those mesmerizing eyes.


Staff member
Awww, what a sweetie. Don't worry - probably by tomorrow he will be bouncing off the walls again!!


Savannah Super Cat
Beautiful kitten....:) hopefully he doesn't make a habit of laying there in that first photo...stove top might be hot!;)


Savannah Super Cat
Glad his baby shots are finished. Little Kovu goes for his second shots Tuesday, I can't wait to see how much weight he has gained.


Staff member
What a beautiful baby he is...I'm sure he will be up and playing in no time ;)