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Layla an F2b at 6 months.

Catherine G.

feline fan
Here is my F2b Layla. She is my first F2 and I thought she would be more independent. She still sleep with me every night and LOVES to be held. She cuddles up on my lap and is one of the sweetest kittens I have ever owned. I think she is BEAUTIFUL!

Here she is at 3 months.

Layla 3 months.jpg Layla 4 months.jpg


Savannah Super Cat
We also have an F2 named Layla :) how much does she weigh now at 6 months? Layla is 4 moths old and she weighs around 5.5 pounds now, her mom is an F1 and dad is f4 so she is about 28 percent Seraval. Both mom and dad are about 17 pounds.