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learn to fetch and toilet train suggestions


Savannah Child
Ok great! That's what I've been doing so far. Thanks for responding Kanadian

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John Popp

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Make sure when toilet training your kitten they don't become frustrated and have options. Not all cats take well to toilet training and it's no indication of how bright they are.


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I tried the tiolet thing at the start when kitty was 13 weeks. Among health issues, I discovered most toilet seats are made differently. Went to Home Depot took my toilet seat with me and I bought one that was more rounded slightly wider sides and not so narrow & elongated. Kitty was able to move and position herself better. But her health issues were more important . I plan on making another another attempt sometime. I have also heard one needs lots and lots of patience. Being in a rush to get to the next phase can reflect disappointing results. I highly recommend reading the book" naughty no more". Tons of info. :)
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View attachment 16264 Meet FERA Rosay!! Born 11/6/14. My new baby!!
Gosh I can't even get my kitty to wear a extremely narrow collar. Anything I try to put on her neck she puffs up and goes into a frenzy to remove it. How did you manage to acquaint your little one to tote such a large one?
Beautiful baby I will add, you have to be a very proud parent soon to become a servant in training.


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Congratulations on your beautiful new baby Tamara619!

Is 11/6/14 actually her birthday? And she is already home with you for 5 days? If so I definitely wouldn't push her to learn anything like toilet training yet, as that is still a very young age to even be in her new home. Most breeders don't place a new kitten until 10-12 weeks old. Hopefully she has the age appropriate vaccinations done already?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
As for fetch... It seems to come natural with many of these cats. Toss a soft small ball. When they come back with it, give them praise and scritches. If the cat likes praise and scritches, the training will be over in a day. I can't play fetch enough with Mayhem. Absolutely his favorite pastime.