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Leg climbing

Has anyone experienced their SV's trying to climb people? I have a 5mth old boy who has started to do this. He loves to run and jump/climb up your leg. I tell can tell him no all day long/squirt him with water but it doesn't seem to affect him. He never hurts when he does it, but picks clothes and it is quite embarrassing when company is over! :)
Um, it can hurt- are you in shorts weather as of yet? Yeah.

The only discouragement I can think of is to put them DOWN the minute they do it- they climb to reach you, so don't reward them by loving on them.

BUT I think this is a kitten trait most just grow out of.


Savannah Super Cat
I remember when Malia did that! What worked for us in the end was scruffing and then ignoring her for 5 minutes afterwards. She has done it recently to my father in law who was ignoring her (not a cat person) and she ran up his leg to get his attention:eek: . It worked she got his attention and mommies scruffing. She still jumps on our backs when we are knelling down but she doesn't use her claws. When I scruff her I do it gently with a firm NO and I gently put her down. It took 3 days.
Ouch! Leg climbing is no fun, especially if you happen to be wearing shorts or something less sturdy than jeans. We've occasionally had kittens that will do this, for no obvious reason they will get the idea in their head that this is fun (for them maybe). I think a lot of it has to do with attention and using both positive rewards and time outs as mention above are the trick to stopping it. Definitely something you want to nip in the bud before kitty gets larger and heavier!!


Staff member
Scruffing and putting them in time out (e.g., five minutes, no longer) can be effective. Have you tried trimming the nails? Usually kittens have a much harder time climbing up a pant leg with trimmed nails and I find will then look for an alternative (easier) activity for their entertainment.