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Lennox was put to sleep

Trish Allearz

For those who read the full story about Lennox, the Belfast City Council finally euthanized him- they refused to let the family visit him and refused to return his body to the family. They might 'mail some ashes' to the family...

Mind you- the story makes Lennox out to be a horribly aggressive dog, but I don't think that was the case. I think if you read the story- they felt pressured and became pissed off- so they decided to turn it around on the owners. I am very sad about this- the family worked very hard to save this dog. Victoria Stillwell even offered to take Lennox and put him into a sanctuary in the United States so he could live- Belfast Council ignored her as well.


These people are really sick to take out their need for control and their aggression on a dog. Too sad.

Trish Allearz

These people are really sick to take out their need for control and their aggression on a dog. Too sad.
It has been said that they are hanging up on anyone who calls about Lennox there... Do I think the crazies helped in the campaign? No- I think they only hurt- all of us- when it comes to these types of things, but you can't blame the family nor Lennox for the crazies out there.


Staff member
No - the family cannot be blamed...unfortunately there are always extremists on both side :(


I hate BSL. It makes no sense what so ever. And the comment in the article from the kennel workers about how he'd be friendly one day and the next try to get at them. Well I've worked in a animal shelter. I can't imagine any dog being confined that long not having some type of issues. I feel sad for the family but at the same time I do wish people who live in areas that don't allow a certain breed not to get one. I understand some can be questionable in which breed they are, but if there is any chance it might be best not to get. It usually turns out bad for the dog. :(