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Leopold Vet Experience & MedCare Plan


Savannah Super Cat
I took Leopold to the vet about two weeks ago, and wanted to share my experience to see if any of you could provide any advice or feedback. I found my vet through an AAHA search engine that lead to me to a VCA Carrolwood Cat Hospital about 15 minutes from my house. The VCA cat hospital resident is Dr. Kelly Williams, a fellow alumnus from the University of Florida, which peaked my interest. They also offered a free first examination I really appreciated.

The facility is great, and Dr. Williams spent more than adequate time with Leopold, and ourselves answering whatever questions we had. She has had previous experience with Savannahs as well, so I feel like I really lucked out. There was very little we disagreed on, pretty much the only thing being that she didn’t feel there was a special need to feed my savannah a specific diet (high protein no grain).

Leopold did really well at the vet, and everyone wanted to see the amazing looking kitten. He’s a confident little bugger however; he was covered in fleas and needed a bath. He also had a little bit of a runny nose that Dr. Williams told me not to worry about and weighed 1.9 pounds at 8 weeks old. Unfortunately, he tested positive for Coccidia isospora, and is currently on Albon for the next 14 weeks (0.4 ml daily).

Dr. Williams provided me with a detailed plan for the medical care of Leopold that I really appreciated. I wanted to share this plan with you all to see if any of you who have more experience than myself could give me some feed back or advice about his treatment or medical care. Thank you all very much!

8 Weeks
Exam Well Patient 57.25
Free First Feline Exam -57.25
Regular Bath 33.65
Prepaid Fecal 63.10

Total: 113.14

10 WeeksExam Recheck 45.75
FVRCP 4wkVac 12.23
Feline Leuk 4wkVac 16.25
Fecal Test+Giardia 63.10

Total: 137.33

14 weeksExam Well Patient 57.25
FeLV/FIV Test 87.45
Rabies 1Yr Vac 14.45
FVRCP 1Yr Vac 12.22
Feline Leu 1yrVac 16.25
Paradyne Fel 5-15 6PK 113.24
(2) Paradyne Fel 5-15 Sgl 46.80
Free 2) Paradyne Fel 5-15 Sgl -46.80

Total: 300.86

Neuter (4 – 7 months)

Chem.5 (5-6 Tests) 82.05 (optional)
ECG-Preanesthesia 54.95 (optional)
Neuter Feline 81.17
Anesthesia 55.50
Pain Management 23.15
IV Catheter 17.80
Homeagain Microchip Svc 39.99 (optional)

Total: 354.61
Optional Total: 177.62

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I'd have thought you could have bathed your kitten yourself and saved $33.65 but that would be a personal choice!

My vet doesn't agree with giving FeLV vaccination to an indoor only cat, he feels that FeLV is not that common in general population so the risk to your cat even if it accidentally gets outside in contact with a cat once it would not be an issue. I'm not too sure why one would give the vaccine first and THEN do a test for the disease? shouldn't one do the FIV/FeLV test first THEN vaccinate against the disease if the kitten/cat is negative? My kittens usually go out already FIV/FeLV tested, so you might want to check with your breeder on that just in case it has already been done.

The fecal test + Giardia seems a good idea if your kitten has coccidia now. I don't think Albon is that effective, that's a bit old-fashioned treatment, ponazuril is much more effective.

The Paradyne seems to be the same as Revolution, you might want to price those on the internet and see if you can get a better deal online...I haven't priced that too recently.

And I would most definitely get the microchip! My kittens don't leave my home without one!

I'm glad you liked your vet, it's so very important to find a vet you like and trust their opinion. I suspect this plan is the standard VCA plan and calculated to get maximum profit out of you though...


Staff member
Can't add anything else...I agree with vet does not give the FeLV vaccine...


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry I haven't replied to you guys. I appreciate all of your feed back. I traveled to South Florida last Wednesday to visit my mom for mothers day. The day I got here my mom split her head open on the garage door. tri sick: I have Leopold here with me, and he is loving every bit of exploring the house and meeting my family members. He is extremely confident and sociable for a kitten. Probably a Savannah trait. Surprising to me, my dad has even taken a liking to him. I caught him playing with him last night while he was reading the newspaper. He would shake the newspaper he was reading, and Leo would come flying onto the couch and try to whack it out of his hands.

I honestly didn't realize they were going to charge us 30$ for a bath, since then we have given him a couple of baths ourselves. He doesn't like it too much, but he doesn't claw at us or show any aggression to get out which is great. Even better is that we don't have anymore flea problems. My fiancee and I isolated Leopold, and were up to about 4 in the morning vacuuming and spraying the carpet for fleas. We used this product called sentry home. Leo was kept away from the area we sprayed for about 6 hours.

My mom recently lost her 8 year old corgi to degenerative myelopathy. Her vet has been great to my mom though out the process. Her facility is a vet and also a rehabilitation center for animals by utilizing aquatic pools and such. When we were there to pick up our dog's ashes, I showed her office assistant the VCA Carrolwood plan for Leo. She told me everything was great except for the 57$ reoccurring exam well patient charge, and that they do not charge their patients for visits to have shots and neutering after the initial visit. She also believes in the FelV vacine. I would like to be able to take Leo outside on a harness when he is older, so I think it's not a bad idea.

My mom accidentally broke the bottle of albon I was giving to Leo. He has some lingering conjunctivitis that has been getting better and worse for the last ten days, so we are taking him to my mom's vet to see what she thinks we should do about the coccidia and his eye boogers.

Thanks for the feedback!


Staff member
Matt, hope your Mom is recovering well...

You will have to do what you think is right...but just to let you know...I am charged for an office visit every time I bring my cats in for vaccines...;)

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
Matt our Vet didn't vaccinate for FelV. She eats a high protein, no grain diet and has beautiful fur and it seems to agree with Mystique.

Enjoy Leopold, cute name!


Staff member
I think the FeLV is not a bad idea if you plan on taking Leopold outside on a regular basis. I am never charged for a follow up visit after surgery, not sure about the vaccine visits as I do my own vaccines.