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Leto.. 9 weeks.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Hello all!

It has been 9 weeks this past Sunday that Leto came home to us! While touching is a sour note for him he has been such a shot of life to the house! He follows us around constantly to see what we are doing and if it's worth his time to investigate!

When he arrived home we started to switch him to a raw diet and he took to it like a fish to water! And has been packing it away, some days a pound or more!!

A few weeks ago we consulted with Marilyn 'The Cat Coach' because we still were unable to pet him. She had many good suggestion and in the last few days we've made some good mile stones. I think he's just taking his sweet time to adjust and is playing us.. He has the house on a silver platter! LOL Today I asked him if he wanted to play and got a good meow.. mrrr... meow as a reply!

His curiosity has NO bounds! (At this point I realize old hat SV owners are all nodding their heads in acknowledgement) But the discovery of this special kitty is a breath of life and love! In the morning he hears my alarm go off and I hear his pitter patter of feet down the hall to greet us! It's breakfast time and IT'S ON! The days he follows Pam around, I'm just boring typing away (I work at home and a computer geek) and after work it's my time for play!

We began clicker training after speaking with Marilyn and today it was as it it 'clicked' with him for the 'touch' training. Time after time he touched his nose to the target and eagerly awaited his treat!

I've been working on a cat tree for him, a 4 x 4 ft base and will have a 5 to 6 ft climbing scratching post. I like to think of myself as handy.. but damn if this isn't taking longer than expected! LOL

As all current owners 'masters' (quoted to acknowledge it is purely a title only) the SV's give more back than they require. I am so glad we came upon the breed and out "Duke Leto"!

So a BIG THANK YOU TO CYNTHIA at 'The Kasbah'!

BIG little news soon!


Staff member
Sounds like you are making great progress, Will! Glad to hear marilyn's advice is working and look forward to hearing about this surprise for Leto ;)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Very encouraging progress with Leto, and Marilyn's help!

Congrats on the new announcement....two legs, or four; fur or no fur? ;)


Staff member
Glad to hear things are progressing well with Leto - it sounds like you have made great headway and they will continue to improve with time, love and consistency.