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Leto and Stilgar! Aka: The Boys!

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
So Stilgar has been home with use 5 weeks yesterday!! Sorry it's taken SO long to post an update. The holiday season.. time to relax and... Wait, that's not right! o_O

To say these two get along is an understatement. They are virtually inseparable now! Leto has been a stellar big brother! They clean each other, eat together (even sharing plates) and constant playing. Seeing them play hide and seek it hilarious! Though it's more like Stilgar hides and Leto roams around meowing to find him only to be pounced!

Stilgar is eating and growing like a .. well kitten! LOL 5.5 lbs is what the scale says, but that this is not very accurate it seems. But he eats his fill multiple times a day and lets us know in no uncertain terms when he needs MORE DADDY!! MORE..... MEOOOWWWW.....

Ok.. I have a few litter boxes to tend before errands.. more updates later! For now some pictures!!


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Savannah Super Cat
So precious! You certainly have very handsome boys! Isn't it so much fun to have 2?


Staff member
Wonderful to hear how well Stilgar has settled in! It sounds like he and Leto are perfect for each other!