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Letting the cat out of the bag.


Savannah Super Cat
While paying due attention to the new arrivals I happened to bring a large carry-out bag from Famous Dave's into the safe room. I used it to bring in a lamp and act as a shield in the doorway as I was entering to delay or disuade a breakout.

I set the lamp up so I could try to take a picture of the kitten with my iPhone and have better lighting. Meanwhile the kitten climbs into the bag and as I looked back into it, there he was stairing his little crossed eyes up at me with this look of 'this is fun'.

I kept a close eye on him because at one point he got his head twisted in the handle loop and I extricated him immediately since I saw it happening. When I took the lamp back out of the room it came out in the bag so he couldn't do that again.

At one point both cats were in the bag. They're reluctant to play with any of the toys I've introduced them to, but a plastic bag, that is the cats pyjamas. ;)