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Like Duck, now how do I keep costs down

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat

So until recently I couldn't find a wet food my little ones both liked. Until I tried Natures Variety's Duck. They go crazy for some duck apparently :D Unfortunately its $2.39 a can and they both need 2 cans a day, thats $9 a day in wet food.

How do I keep the costs of this down? Do you guys buy in super bulk or something?


Site Supporter
I had the same problem when I 1st had Shango. He only wanted to eat Nature's Variety Limited Ingredient Wet Rabbit which was about $2.70/can (limited ingredient is more $ :() and he was eating 3-4 cans a day and the more he kept growing, that was going to keep increasing. Luckily he ended up not liking rabbit anymore and I was able to successfully switch him to Darwin's raw turkey which has drastically reduced my food costs. I also give him 1 pouch of Weruva every night and that is $1.25/pouch. The Darwin's turkey ends up costing about $6.00/lb after shipping costs. When he's going through growth spurts, he'll eat an entire lb of raw each day, but lately he's only eating about 8-9 oz plus 1 pouch of Weruva.

With the NV canned, I purchased from by the case and was on the auto ship program to get an additional 5% discount. Chewy was cheaper than anywhere else for that particular food.

Honestly, I found NV to be one of the most expensive cat foods on the market and in my opinion there are other brands that are still just as good in quality that are cheaper. I'm not aware of being able to purchase in bulk, other than case packs of 12. You may want to consider adding a 2nd brand of food and feeding them both to keep costs down or slowly switching to another brand all together.


Staff member
I have found the best prices are at and shipping is free for any order over $49 (which is easy to reach if ordering for a month or more at a time).