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Lil Man

Trish Allearz

Okay since he may not be available- I'm just going to post his pics here for now!

This is Lil Man- he is an F2B Savannah kitten. He is 10 days old in this pic and almost a pound in weight (or he is a pound- I haven't done the math since I weigh in grams).


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Trish Allearz

I want to keep all of my F2s- they are so precious to me! (And my F6s tend to get me too- LOL- I'm a sucker for sweet babies!). I'd LOVE to have an F2 to raise up for visitors to meet in person (versus the F1s since the girls can be broody and Simon is a brat). Then again, I'd LOVE Dino's Dad to bring this guy home- I think he'd fit in perfectly (I cannot imagine his personality not working with Dino's- given his heritage).