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Lily's 2nd day

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Lily is doing very good after her quarinteen but still is locked up when not around to protect her from the beasts. She has tried to nurse on all the other cats and they let her for the most part and clean her at the same time so bonding with the other cats have gone well. The other cats just get caried away when thay play together. Lily's head fits in Tigers mouth which scares me but he has not hurt her in any way. SV's do tend to be fearless when it comes to play time and boy do they make a mess. Lily already comes to her name and acts like she has been here forever. She was a great addition to the family even if she was not part of the original plan she is a stunner. We tought another female was needed to keep all the boys in check. The next kitten will be coming in two months hopefully his name so far is going to be King George.


Staff member
It sounds like Lily has fit into your family perfectly! You couldn't have asked for an easier transition!


Savannah Super Cat
She has beautiful coloring. Of course I'm biased cause her coloring is a lot like my baby's. :).