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Listing all the new "breeds" derived from TICA's recognized wild-origin hybrid breeds

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I thought it might be interesting to derive a list of all the mixes and crosses currently out there, using combinations of Bengal, Chausie and Savannah cats along with other breeds to create what usually they describe as "wild-looking" and "exotic".

Maybe if people add more names (as I am sure I don't know even a fraction of what is out there), we can end up with a fairly comprehensive list?

Toyger - recognized TICA Championship breed, used Bengal in development
Serengeti - actually an official new breed, in ANB. Cross between Bengal and Serengeti
Highlander - mainly domestic in origin, but likely some Chausie and Bengal used in development. Also in ANB.

JungleBob - Cross between Chausie and Pixiebob
SavannahBob - Cross between Savannah and Pixiebob
Bramble - brush-coated cross between Bengal and Peterbald
Mokave Jag cat - used Bengals along with Pixiebob, Highlander, other breeds
Cheetoh - Cross between Bengal and Ocicat
Ashera cat - hyped and marketed Savannahs by a designer name
Allerca cat - supposedly "hypoallergenic" cat by marketer of Ashera cats, seemingly relabelling some as Allerca too
Legend Leopard - created by Cutting Edge cattery, bred for size, seemingly a Bengal crossed with possibly Pixiebob
Legendz Katz - created by Joykatz, said to be a cross between "Jungle Cat, Bobcat, Serval and ALC" but I suspect simply the use of the domestic hybrid versions... So Chausie, Pixiebob (although there is no real Bobcat DNA in them), Savannah and Bengal (although there is an ALC at that cattery so use of that is possible). Obviously some Highlander used because of the curled ears (Or American Curl).
Habari - Exotic looking secret recipe from Select Exotics, by the rosetting there is Bengal heritage at the least. Possible other exotic cats hypothesized to be used are Fishing Cat and Serval.
Africat - Bengal crossed with Pixiebob and Maine Coon, said to be large exotic-looking cat with polydactyl paws.
Leopold - Bengal crossed with Siberian, reported to replicate the look of the snow leopard.
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Staff member
What about the Habari?
Although not publicly discussed, there is no doubt that the Highlander (a TICA PNB breed) has both Chausie and Bengal in its background.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I didn't know if it was appropriate to list the Highlander as I did think there was CU and BG in there most likely...

Don't know how I would have forgotten the Habari as it was quite hyped at the outset... but has anyone known of one produced in recent times?


Savannah Super Cat
Any more Mohave info out there
There is only one breeder out there
She gave the name and formulated her own breed
In the breading industry it is rare to have only one breeder out there
She does not sell breading wright !!!
She fixes them before purchase mandatory .

I am not sure anyone can calculate the genetic % makeup if those cats
Wondering how other cat association and breeders see this breed and compare it with the well defined wild % ones.
What is the real make up of the Mohave cats and what is their real cost value.
They promote them as Therapy pest , but that can be trained in different breeds .

If anyone has an opinion out here beyond the web of the breeder who created it I like to hear it.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't know that any cat association considers the Mojave a "breed".

I have no idea if there is more information out there beyond one person's website. Sorry!


Staff member
But that registry is not really recognized as anything other than a group someone made up as far as i know.

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There are a lot of registries that do not have the same reputation or reach as registries such as TICA or CFA (e.g., the Belgium registry that considers F3 Savannahs SBTs), but they are still used to register cats and provide pedigrees, etc.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
There are registries that do nothing but take money to issue papers...they don't monitor anything, there are no cat shows where cats are evaluated (although I remember one did online cat shows where people submitted pics but it didn't seem to go further than one "show"). They simply issue registration certificates in response to a paid form.