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Litter Box Issue

I have a litter box question for you. The first couple days he was doing well with his litter box. He always pees in there and he was doing good with pooping in there too. The night before last though, his litter box was clean (except for a little pellet dust from pee) when we went to bed. When we woke up and went into his room in the morning, he had pooped quite a bit in the litter box, enough that he also went on the bed in his room too (I assume because he had done so much in his box). Then last night, he had a completely clean box, fresh pellets, but he went on the bed again last night. I want to try to figure this out before he makes it habit to do that. Any suggestions? I added more pellets this morning just in case he thought there wasn't enough in there to cover it up when he's done.

I am ordering a couple of pellet litter boxes today as it looks like those will save a lot of fresh pellets.
Yeah, he was. I'm not sure if it was the "exact" brand of pellets, but yes he was using pellets. I got a 40# bag of pine wood pellets. The ones that are not treated with additives and no pine oil.


Staff member
Maybe a larger litter box? I know Taj is a big boy at 15 pounds and I use one of those 32 gallon rubbermaid totes...or maybe just more boxes...
Yeah, Paige. I thought about that too, LOL! The box is pretty big, for a litter box, but he is definitely bigger. I guess I will have to try to find some extra large pellet boxes or improvise and make my own out of the Rubbermaids. Is there anything we should do other than washing the mattress cover to keep him from doing it up there? Or just hope that more/bigger boxes makes him more comfortable using them?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Paul, you mention a bed in the that a cat bed, or a human bed? If you have a soft, puffy comforter on it such as down or down-alternative.....some cats like to poop on those. I don't know why. Remove the bed covering or put a shower curtain over it. You could try adding another litter box of a different shape with a different type of litter in it. Make sure the boxes are big enough for him...I use rubbermaid and sterilite boxes in large sizes for litter boxes, of varying heights, as some of my cats like to perch and poop, and others don't. My cats tend to poop in one and pee in the others...your boy could be one of those who prefers two (or more) boxes to do his business in. You might have to experiment to see what he prefers, or restrict him to a smaller room like a bathroom during this introductory/quarantine period. And make sure you are using the same litter he used at the breeders.
It's a queen-size human bed. The first time it happened, it was just the mattress, no cover. Then we put a mattress cover on it (with a small layer of padding on it). I'm definitely going to get a couple more bigger litter boxes today and try that too. He doesn't seem to like to poop during the day so far. Only at night after we have gone to bed. I'll do the experimenting with box heights too, I didn't really think abut that. Thanks Pam


Staff member
I think I have a picture posted here on what I did with the rubbermaid...cut a hole out on the side for a door...all the cats love this litter box ;)
Haha, very nice! I will have to find that thread and take a look. I'm sure it's a lot cheaper that way than buying real litter boxes. I do want to turn them into pellet boxes though so the dust falls into a bottom section and gets sifted out.