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Litter Box Issues in Cats (What I Do)

Sanura Exotics

Sanura Exotics Savannah cats
I always do this for cats with peeing issues with great success!
  1. OK first make sure the area is private! Yes some cats like privacy where there is no noise or anything such as other pets or high traffic area to bother them. Never in a closet! Dogs love to eat cat poop and will definitely bother a cat in the litter box.
  2. IF the litter box is hooded or electric, put it away. Some cats hate hooded litter boxes because it traps odors in,and electric litter boxes can scare the crap out of a cat!
  3. Make sure the litter box and litter is SUPER clean**** Change daily (or more often) if you have to until this is over.
  4. I always give them a tall litter box AND a regular size (shorter) litter box close to each other. This way the cat decides what they like. I put cat attract in both,or you can use two types of litter with cat attract mixed in. You may want to use cat attract FULL strength until the cat is 100% retrained to use the litter box.
  5. This is a must until the problem has resolved! USE THIS . NO lie my cats will PEE on the bag of cat attract litter if it's not put away out of reach! This stuff is awesome!
  6. Make sure there is a litter box or TWO on each level of the house. Put a litter box where the cat can easily find it and take her to it often, if she uses it, give her a treat or pet her (or both).
  7. I use the plugins OR SPRAY to calm down a stressed cat. My vet swears by them!
  8. BUY .This removes urine and the pheromones that is in cat urine. This is the best stuff I have ever used. I have tried everything on the market! I use it in my steam cleaner, I also use it in my front loader washing machine, I mop with it, clean baseboards, everything!
  9. Never have her bed or food near her litter box.
  10. Never ever yell or hit a cat that is urinating in inappropriate places. TRUST ME THIS MAKES IT WORSE!
Last resort if above doesn't work***

The Confinement Period
First, choose a small room in your house where you can safely confine your cat, such as a bathroom or a small, furniture-free spare bedroom.
oMake sure there are no carpets, mats, beds or other surfaces that your cat may find attractive as a toilet.
If If you confine your cat to a bathroom and he has eliminated on smooth surfaces in the past, fill the sink or bathtub with a little water to discourage him from relieving himself in these spots. For his safety, there should be no more than an inch of water.
Hope this helps someone!