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Litter Lifter Kitty Scoop

John Popp

Site Supporter
OK, I'll kick this off.

Not something you really put a lot of thought into, but this one clearly works better than all the rest. With a long history of being relegated to litter box duty, pretty much have used them all. The cheap ones that bend or break, the ones you need to shake until find your surprise (crumbling what you're trying to get out of the litter box and gently sprinkling it back in) and the ones that resemble a garden tool, durable but inefficient.

With one of our cats who refused to go in anything other than a pristine litter box we had really just about exhausted every avenue before simply needing to lock him down. We were up to 8 litter boxes (for 3 cats), 3 cleanings a day and 2 40lb bags of litter a week to change out the litter on half the boxes each week. It was pretty brutal, but we were definitely diligent and tried just about everything along the way.

Enter the Litter Lifter Kitty Scoop and we were no longer shoveling and shaking litter around. No more shaking soiled litter back into the box and no more basically shoveling the whole box to find a few gems.

The way it works is the triangular spines in the bed of the scoop. It pretty much glides through the litter so you aren't shoveling the whole pan, leaving behind only urine balls and a few nuggets in the scoop. Litter stays fresh longer, cleaning the boxes take a fraction of the time and even less effort. We are now down to half the litter boxes we had before (albeit larger ones), we only clean them twice a day and have never done anything but add more litter (no changing).

We now have more than a year under our belt with 100% litter box compliance. We didn't need to drug my big buddy, find a cat whisperer nor send him to kitty prison. We just simply provided him a place to do his business that he doesn't seem to have a clue that anyone else is using and doesn't smell like an outhouse (not that his boxes ever got bad enough where we could smell anything).


John Popp

Site Supporter
I ended up buying it direct after I couldn't find them at the local pet stores.

Also, I hope I didn't overstep anything here as after reading a bit on how this section was intended to work my post might have been a bit preemptive.

Lastly, here's a video on the litter lifter.



Staff member
I loooooooove the litter lifter -- the first pic you showed. Bought 4 of them a couple years ago at PetSmart and can't them now anywhere. Mine are about ready to replace, a few of the fines broke from the frame and I'll look online. They do a fabulous job of getting all the tiny bits out and keeping the litter cleaner longer.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Hey Deborah, First off sorry if I violated some sort of protocol on starting this thread.

I too looooove the litter lifter. I no longer change litter at all, just add to it as I'm no longer sprinkling soiled litter back into the box. For litter boxes I use large Sterilite 36 gallon storage bins with a 9" x 9" hole in the side. I use 80 lbs of Dr Elsey's litter per box and have them all marked at the level where I can add a 40lb bag to replace the soiled litter removed. The urine balls are always suspended, never sticking to the bottom.

With our stand up peeing girl, after removal of a stuck to the side urine ball, I just knock it off with a quick bump and wipe down the area with a 20-1 water/bleach solution. It's quick, it's easy and I am going through less than a third of the litter I had in the past.

I wish I could say I was bright enough to have figured all this out on my own, but I had some help from Dr Lisa Pierson,

Here's a video she posted on the topic of litter box care that definitely restored some sanity to our household.


John Popp

Site Supporter
Glad these are working out for people. I just put a new litter box in our quarantine room for our upcoming kitten and needed to use one of our old scoops. One of the cats got in and used the new box, had to use an old scoop and had forgot how much additional effort it took. Needless to say, it's time to stock up again.