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Litter problem?


Savannah Super Cat
I've been noticing that Biz balances on the edge of the box, he does cover but I'm wondering if he doesn't like the crystals. What do you guys think? Am I over parenting again or does he maybe not like the litter? There a pic. If he's not a fan, any suggestions for litter for boys? I like the crystals because they are large enough that they won't get caught in their urethra.


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Reincarnated cat Moderator
I have always used clay litter, and mine do not seem to have any potty issues...Unless I fail to change it often enough. I use Fresh Step Extreme. My girls are good with it. I don't like scoopable, because if the kitties are silly and eat some I don't want it clumping up in their tummies. Plus, scooping all the time is so much of a pain. To each his/her own, though. ;)


Staff member
It's possible he doesn't like the texture or that the crystals are uncomfortable on his feet. Two of my SVs always balance on the sides like Biz regardless of the type of litter I use and the other 2 go in the normal way.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
That pose is sooo familiar, lol. Biz's father and grandfather both used the commode like this, no matter the litter. It may just be a style that is inherited, along with my cats love of playing in water ;) Be sure there is sufficient litter in the box so it can't tip with his weight. You might try another litter in a box near the one Biz is using and see if that makes a difference. I currently use pelleted pine for all my cats and kittens and am very happy with it.


Savannah Super Cat
I had no idea this was something cats do! Too funny! I'll try pine pellets, I know that's what he used before, and see if it makes a difference. It's very silly to watch. I really like the crystals so hopefully it's just an inherited trait.

Biz is such a funny duck in just about everything he does! I worry about keeping him comfortable because so little phases him unlike Jengo who will scream in your face if something is a little off. Biz tends to find a work around for everything.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Many of mine do exactly that, and it isn't related to the litter on offer. I just figure they don't want to touch the stuff they are peeing/pooping on and really, I can't blame them! LOL! I wouldn't want to tramp around in my toilet either!