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Litter Robot unboxing and review!



Thanks to Paige and the folks at Litter Robot, I got this big box delivered on my doorstep the other day. Here's what happened:

I had just returned from a visit to family in New Jersey (omg, Park Savoy is a great place for a wedding!), and walked in the door to this.

DSC01315 (Medium).JPG
DSC01316 (Medium).JPG

Desi seemed bored with the box, a good sign that it was time to open it.
DSC01317 (Medium).JPG

Any time the base was sitting there by itself, it wasn't sitting there alone for long. I have about a hundred pics of Duma sitting in the center. I think it was something about him being attracted to the liners, which are the type that biodegrade.
DSC01318 (Medium).JPG
DSC01319 (Medium).JPG
DSC01320 (Medium).JPG

Dante, not usually interested in anything not box-like, was perplexed.
DSC01321 (Medium).JPG
DSC01322 (Medium).JPG
DSC01323 (Medium).JPG


After a few days sitting in the entry way of the house, I had to clean (visitor!). So I moved it upstairs and it sat in the living room until this morning. Here's what happened:

Duma, always careful, is mystified when the monster is assembled and starts rotating.

DSC01324 (Medium).JPG DSC01326 (Medium).JPG DSC01327 (Medium).JPG DSC01329 (Medium).JPG DSC01330 (Medium).JPG DSC01331 (Medium).JPG

Being the youngest, he decided to let the eldest go first. And Dante agreed....
DSC01332 (Medium).JPG DSC01333 (Medium).JPG DSC01334 (Medium).JPG DSC01335 (Medium).JPG

Big boy Desi (all 25lbs of him!) had to give it a go, and believe it or not, he just barely fit! (we don't call him Desamundo for nothing hehe)
DSC01336 (Medium).JPG DSC01337 (Medium).JPG DSC01338 (Medium).JPG DSC01339 (Medium).JPG DSC01341 (Medium).JPG DSC01342 (Medium).JPG DSC01344 (Medium).JPG
But enough was enough. Duma needed to get over his fear and just jump in (after the jump)
DSC01345 (Medium).JPG DSC01346 (Medium).JPG DSC01347 (Medium).JPG


Staff member
Looks like something from a sci fi movie. Did you get this in hopes it would help with Dantes peeing issues?


Duma made it in!
DSC01348 (Medium).JPG DSC01354 (Medium).JPG
'Kay, so three cats have inspected the new creature, what's it gonna do next?

Desi and Duma are riveted watching the way the new creature moves its head:
DSC01356 (Medium).JPG DSC01357 (Medium).JPG
Re-inspection is necessary! And check out the fluffed-up, freaked-out tail!
DSC01360 (Medium).JPG DSC01363 (Medium).JPG
Ah, but we can still make the flying leap across the room to play with Desi!
DSC01365 (Medium).JPG

The boys have yet to leave a deposit, luckily we won't have to hold our breath :D

With many thanks to SavannahCatChat, Paige, and Litter-Robot.


Lol!! Love seeing them all climb in that's so cute. Duma has some nice ocelli eh
I couldn't believe that they did it all on their own no prodding at all, one after the other. We'll see if they figure out what to do with it. I nearly stopped Desi 'cause it looked like he'd get stuck, but he did fine. Not sure if he has space enough to maneuver a pee or poo, though. He really is a big, big boy. Most people are kinda freaked out by him, he could easily be mistaken for a pony. A really furry pony.


So far the Litter-Robot is a hit! They've been totally ignoring the manual boxes that I left out. The first night I think they were just inspecting, I heard it run about 10 times during the night, but by the next day they had used it. Even big ol' Desi! He can barely turn around in there but has been using it faithfully. And I have no litterbox to clean!

Everytime it starts running I hear a herd of paws running to go watch. I think it's replaced the toilet as the interesting thing to inspect.