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Litter Robot


Savannah Super Cat
I didn't even know about this thing until I joined this site a couple of days ago! Can't wait to get my hands on one!


Savannah Super Cat
That is great to hear such good things about it! I would love to win one from here. That would be just too cool, but either way I'm getting one. Eventually would like to have two but I literally only have room for one. I mean I COULD cram one somewhere. I live in an apartment, but I will probably wait until I get a house sometime within the next year I hope. Plus they are pretty expensive.


Site Supporter
Hi Paige, I was thinking about purchasing a Litter-Robot and wondered if they offered a discount to members here. Also, by clicking on and buying through the link will the site get credit for initiating the purchase? I would have never heard of it if not for this site.


Staff member
Hi Trishy... No discounts unfortunately... But you can let them know when you purchase, where you heard of it

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