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Litter vomit and loose stools

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
I have this again and had this last year, when the kittens are about 8 weeks old they seem to get upset stomaches, go off food and their poops are yellowish and throw up curdled milk. I have never been successful with getting a stool sample to vet when this happened in the past. They are still nursing mom. I have pcr'd parents and nothing ever comes back as positive. The kittens turn around with flagyl after a few days. It's really annoying though. Kittens are on raw but last years litter they were on kibble mix with wet. Anyone ever have this? Anyone know what it is?


Staff member
Angie, some of the long time breeders have a name for it (I forget what it is) and use clavamox, which makes it disappear after a few days...not sure what they think causes it though...I don't think anyone knows but it does happen to quite a few breeders...

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Hmm, ok. That's what I found helped last year too. I'm taking them to vet and getting stool sample checked. Well if anyone ever figures this out. One thing I thought of since my babies usually nurse along time, is maybe moms milk upsets them?


Staff member
I have seen kittens go off food and develop diarrhea at 6-8 weeks as well. To me it seems to be an issue with weaning off mom, but I don't know for sure. I've not heard of treating with Clavamox. I usually treat with panacur and albon when it happens and it clears up. It can be scary when it's happening though because kittens can get dehydrated so fast and you can lose them in no time...

Per Lausund

Staff member
I´d try probiotics (like the very effective, cheap stuff: yoghurt!) to supplement during the weaning process. The change from easily digestible milk fat and protein to trying to cope with wheat, corn, muscle and fat is great, and the intestinal tract (i e room for intestinal flora) is short, so all lactobacilli added will help. I´m not at all sure that antibiotics are the thing, they may kill off some of the good germs rather than stop the baddies.
Personally I´d rather supplement with probiotics and help them through the change than expose them (and wallet) to a multitude of tests! And it also helps exposing them to small, regular amounts of solids from (three-four?) five weeks of age. Just so they get used to it. Weaning is dramatic!


Savannah Kitten
Angie, I´ve had it happen in the past now and then, usually when the kittens are 6 - 8 weeks old. In my case it was always an overgrown of e-coli bacteria. E-coli is a normal part of the intestinal flora, but can cause those symptoms when overgrown. I gave Clavamox twice per day for 7 days and the kittens were fine again. Often after only one or two doses they stopped vomiting and started eating again and the stools went back to normal mostly after only one or two days. Hope it helps.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Not an expert on the subject, but I agree with Per. 7 days on clavamox or a week without it likely produces the same results and it sounds like getting the intestinal flora up to speed as they are weaning. Although not a breeder, yogurt has always been a magic bullet for us when our cats/kittens are having GI issues.
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