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Litterbox smell sooo overwelming!!!!


Savannah Kitten
Everyone reading this thread who is truly looking for the answer and solution to intolerable litter smell ... one word: CatGenie.

OMG! It is truly God's greatest creation! (I say this to myself regularly when I realize how easy it has made my cat loving life). I used it with my Bengal for many years and loved it, but its true value truly struck me while I recently used a bathroom, "safe room" for my new kitten.

Recently, I had to put him back in his safe room (bathroom in basement) for a day (contractors were in the home), with a "normal" litter box, using what is supposed to be the best smell proof litter on the market. At the end of the day... OMG! The basement and his bathroom smelled horrible! Ever been in someone's home who rarely empties the litter box? ... that is what it smelled like. I know exactly what the original writer of this post meant. He only went in the litter; there must be something about their huge poop and/or urine composition (and he is incredibly healthy, btw).

With my CatGenie... you would never know there was a cat in the house. Soon after he pees or poos, the receptacle with the litter slowly rotates, the automatic shovel lifts out the poo into a biodegradable waste holder, water with a biodegradable liquid wash the litter granules (twice), the dirty water then the 2nd rinse water empties into my utility sink, then warm air blows up and through the cleaned litter granules leaving a warm, dry, clean litter to use all over again and no smell (and I rarely have to attend to the litter box!)

Maintenance is a breeze with easy cleaning every couple of months.

If you have never tried it... you just have to... I've used it for over a decade and would never go back.


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well not really Destroy, but disassemble and see how it works, would be more appropriate. Sure end results are the same, but curiosity is the game. My F2's are the same. Likely a family trait.:roflmao:


Staff member
I'll take let robots anyday! Cat Genie is just not high enough or big enough for my savannahs!

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Savannah Kitten
I was afraid that it would be too small for Siroe (perfect size for my previous Bengal), but Siroe uses it in a very interesting way. He stands up using his forefeet on the top to stand, then does his business while standing. I've never seen a male cat go to the bathroom like that. I am so glad he is so well disciplined to figure it out on how to use it.


Savannah Super Cat
I skimmed the comments but didn't see anyone mention diet and/or water intake.

If you feed dry food, and/or they're not drinking enough water, the urine will be more concentrated and hence stink more.

In addition to having more litter boxes, also try putting several dishes of water around the house. Dump them and refill them regularly (I have 3 dishes and rinse/refill one of them every few days, cycling through.) I also noticed they prefer tap water over filtered, which is weird, but whatever gets them drinking! Lol.
I have a litter box in the bedroom beside the bed and very rarely smell it and use the cheapest unscented kitty litter from Walmart, lol.