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Litterbox smell sooo overwelming!!!!


Site Supporter
I skimmed the comments but didn't see anyone mention diet and/or water intake.

If you feed dry food, and/or they're not drinking enough water, the urine will be more concentrated and hence stink more.

In addition to having more litter boxes, also try putting several dishes of water around the house. Dump them and refill them regularly (I have 3 dishes and rinse/refill one of them every few days, cycling through.) I also noticed they prefer tap water over filtered, which is weird, but whatever gets them drinking! Lol.
I have a litter box in the bedroom beside the bed and very rarely smell it and use the cheapest unscented kitty litter from Walmart, lol.
Yeah, my Rafiki prefers tap over bottled but she contracted giardia from filtered tap water as a kitten so poor thing has to make due with bottled.


Savannah Super Cat
I too agree with 2-3 litter boxes.
We noticed a strong smell depending on the food they eat. Very strong odor for awhile... we have 2 Savannah girls (spayed) and a very old grey girl who loves her sissies. We had 2 litter boxes—and the 3 girls used both constantly.
I agree with Pam about checking around the laundry, the hampers, floor, etc....and then encourage them to explore the new pans. Also cleaning where they are peeing (couch) and I’d try to keep them away from it for awhile.
I am sure you’ll figure this out... Persevere ;)