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Little bit of blood in stool

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
So I haven't been on this site in like 6 months or so, Sabriel and I have been doing good and there haven't been many behavior issues so I considered all to be well. Well today when I got back from a movie, I went down to feed her and my ferrets, when I walked into her room right next to her little box there was diarrhea which isn't normal for her (the diarrhea or going outside of the box). So I got her food, water and treats and got her settled that way and then I went and cleaned up the diarrhea. Around the outside of the diarrhea there was a little bit of blood, it didn't look like it was dispersed through out but who knows... I didn't notice anything with her other stools in the box but I'm guessing that may be because of the cat litter hardening it if there was any in her other ones...

She is still eating, playing, drinking, obviously still going to the bathroom, is alert and not lethargic. I did try checking her gums after I called the emergency vet (I didn't know how big of a deal it was), and the roof of her mouth looked really white to me (but apparently that's not uncommon) and I couldn't easily tell the color of her gums. Whether they were pink or pinkish white, never really had a reason to check a cats gums before but I was trying to ascertain whether she had internal bleeding or something.

If any of you remember me, you know my past with Neka getting lymphoma at a year and a half - along with how devastated I was and still feel about that whole thing. Well wouldn't you know it but Sabriel is now right around that year and a half mark, is from the same breeder as Neka, and it was Neka's birthday on 3/21 (she would have been 3 if she were still alive). So that little coincidence thing there is just shaken me a little and made me paranoid (which I had gotten much better at, although Sabriel hasn't really shown many health issues in the past so that has helped). On top of that my grandpa has been diagnosed with lung cancer within the past month and was given 3 to 9 months to live per the doctor, I saw him earlier tonight and that did not help my mood or feeling of anxiousness at all - he doesn't look good...

Anyway my plan of action when the vet opens around 8 is to bring Sabriel in, have the vet run some tests and have her stay over night (it's cheap) so they can monitor her. Obviously going to have him do a stool panel, blood test, and maybe even an x-ray (to ease my mind - it doesn't help my anxiousness at all when the first thing that comes up when google searching "cat with blood in diarrhea" is a website titled "cat diagnosed with fip?" - so not what I want to be thinking about! Particularly when I was told all the bad things about it by a vet when they initially thought Neka had it. I know/hope this is very likely not fip, particularly since there is no noticeable bloating and no huge change in appetite or behavior.

The vet told me to just watch her (which I have been doing tonight) and to bring her to my normal vet within a day or two just to have it checked out, but to bring her in sooner if it gets worse. Pretty much the obvious things there...

At this point I'm just wondering if anyone else has anything else to suggest for what I might want my vet to check for, or stories of your own kitties that have had this happen.. Preferably for my sanity stories where things ended well and it was just a harmless little (insert reason here). Thanks everyone in advance, this is a really good community and it's who I knew to turn to with issues - you give good advice and support!


Animal Communicator
Hi Brandy,

I don't have any advice, but I'm sorry to hear of these problems with Sabriel. I fully understand your panic, especially when you are finding similarities in what happened with Neka. I would do the same thing you are doing, making sure all the tests are done that can be done. Maybe Sabriel just ate something that didn't agree with her. I know the more experienced people will be on to give you more advice.

I hope they find something extremely treatable...please keep us updated!

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
Can't get into the vet until tomorrow morning at 8:00 - they had a 5:00 appt tonight but I work the night shift. They don't particularly want to keep her overnight as they think it would be more stressful for her, I don't know what to do. I do know it stresses her out but ugh I don't know.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
I can say when I was just playing with her she had a gurgling sound with her stomach, couple that with the diarrhea, and she had passed gas (best word I could think of lol) a couple of days ago while I was holding her - I'm wondering if this is all just stomach upset. I tried feeling her stomach and I thought it might be feeling a little harder than normal so wondering if maybe she has some extra gas built up or something. I guess I did change her between two of her normal foods like 2 weeks ago and I forgot about it as it's something she's been on before. But that doesn't explain the excessive thirst she's been having, but how much water she's been drinking would potentially explain the diarrhea if not the blood. So maybe her mouth being weird is making her thirsty (she keeps licking the roof of her mouth - maybe dental issue or nausea?), and her drinking more is upsetting her gi tract? That's what I'm hoping at least. Small dental issue that hopefully is easily fixed and that water and changing her from one of her normal foods to another of her normal foods somehow made this happen this time? When I checked her stool this morning I couldn't see any blood and it was better formed then yesterday but still very soft. Yesterday I don't think I would have noticed any blood if she hadn't done it on the floor. I don't know, I want it to be 8am tomorrow already so the vet can at least do a normal exam for her teeth and stomach and see if he feels anything weird.


Staff member
Brandy, it is hard to guess at what may be the issue...taking her to the vet is probably the best course of action...please keep us updated!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think having the vet do a fecal PCR is probably a good idea, just to rule out infection. Something like giardia is possible, this parasite can be in water...unless it reaches a certain level a town or city does not have to treat for it nor report it.

But your words about diet change might indeed point to a simply stomach upset. Even if it is a food she was fed in the past, EVERY time you wish to change her diet it should be a gradual change. For example, you can't feed a cat kibble from one large bag until it is gone then start another bag of a completely different kibble and then feed that until it is gone and subsequently go back to the other kibble. It is STILL a change of diet each time. And the potential for gastrointestinal upset is the same.

I completely understand the paranoia, given your past with Neka... hence I don't think you should just assume it is diet but have it checked out at the vet.

I hate that the internet says FIP basically for ANY symptom :-(


Site Supporter
Hi Brandy. No advice to offer other than I think that you are doing the right thing by getting her to the vet. My prayers are with you. Please keep us posted.


Staff member
Hi Brandy, I think you are doing the right thing by taking Sabriel to the vet, but i will point out if it looked like fresh blood mixed in with the diarrhea then it is undigested blood (which would look black) meaning it is unlikely to be an ulcer, tumor, or other serious condition. I would check a fecal PCR as well as have your vet look for parasites to be thorough. I have found that usually when a cat suddenly starts having diarrhea it is usually from something they have eaten and most times clears up on its own.

I'm not sure about the excessive thirst although she is losing extra fluid from the diarrhea so that might explain it. I have had a cat have a streak of blood in their stool for a day or so, then it seems to spontaneously clear up, and I've never figured out what causes it. However, I have never heard of blood in the stool being a primary indication of FIP, so I would put that very low on my list of suspicions.

So sorry you are having to face this with your memories of Neka. I think there is a very good chance that there is nothing serious going on with Sabriel but please keep us posted and let us know what the vet says.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
Okay so took her to the vet this morning, he did a normal examination and he paid extra attention to her stomach and teeth at my request. All seemed normal to him and good to him. He thinks that the blood in the stool could have been a fissure which makes sense to an extent. It was bright red and I just saw it on the outside of the stool - so like Patti said didn't look like coffee grounds which is a plus.

They more or less refused to do a fecal exam for me, I mean I'm sure if I pushed harder for it they would have but when I first got her from the breeder they did one and all turned out normal then. Neka did have giardia from the breeder, so I know Sabriel's stools look nothing like that. They said that since she hasn't been around other cats - that it is more likely an upset stomach due to food or something, than parasites with my having tested in the past. So I agreed with that...

When I brought up her being thirsty and licking her mouth frequently - they attributed that either to the diarrhea she is currently having or when she wasn't having diarrhea to the long winter we've had. I don't have a humidifier in my house so animals are losing water through their skin and with the heater running they said it was more normal for animals to drink more during the winter. More or less to watch it but they didn't seem too concerned.

I did request an x-ray and I told them why (more or less my peace of mind) and they agreed to that. It had two images which showed from the top and the side. No fluid (thank god!), everything looked good and normal and none of her organs looked enlarged or anything. The vet pointed out what everything was, and there was some gas in her system but that was the only even slightly abnormal thing.

So right now I feel relieved, and I refuse to feel foolish for getting a bit stressed over this, everyone has their reasons for their perspective and thankfully my vet knows mine. I'm obviously going to keep an eye on her but I'm pretty optimistic right now. :up: