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Long Absence


Savannah Super Cat
Hey guys, I just wanted to post and let everyone know how we were doing. After Appa's death I couldn't bear to get on the site for a while. Sorry about that. I am back in the States now and we are hard at work cleaning everything Appa came in contact with. Every cat toy/dish is either been bleached or thrown out, the cat tree was bleached as well. We are getting the carpet steam cleaned too. Plus we are waiting 90+ days before getting another cat to let all the virus die. (We were offered a kitten that had been rescued and had to turn it down, we didnt want it to get sick too)

We are talking with the breeder about getting another kitten after the wait time is up. Thank you once again for all the advice and support while Appa was sick.


Staff member
Kravenheart, you and your fiancé have been on my mind and I'm happy that you've updated us. No apologies necessary for taking a break from here after Appa's death. Sounds like you are dealing with the loss and grieving process and I'm sure your fiance is happy to have you back. I know there is always some emotional conflict and guilt when an animal passes as we look forward to the future sharing our homes with a new companion. But as any animal lover knows, it's near impossible to leave that silence unfilled and the love bottled up. Best wishes for you when the time comes to bring another SV into your home.