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Lookin' a little squatty, there, Lotto!


Site Supporter
So these 'growth spurts'... Do they come in stages? For the first 6 months, Lotto grew up and long, exponentially! Now, for the past month and a half, aside from expanding his belly some, he has pretty much stayed the same. Do Savannahs usually go through multiple months without any upward or lengthwise growth? Of course, we love him even if he's going to be a pygmy savannah ;-) but I don't want to keep feeding him all this food and have him be a chubby short guy! LOL!

So how did your little baby grow?


and his servant, Paul
I'm in the same stage myself; 7.5 months but no real change (aside from weight...which has slowed, thankfully) for probably the last 1.5 months. I'd let you know if it changes, but it sounds like our kitties are about the same age.

What generation is Lotto? My Nitro is a F2.


Site Supporter
Hey there, Paul and Trish....

Lotto is an F2 also, but he's not as big as Nitro ;-) His grandfather was Dagger, the serval (couple of videos on youtube)... And Dagger was not particularly huge. Don't know if Lotto got Dagger's size genetics...... but his looks, personality, and mannerisms are STRAIGHT from his grandad! Everything from headbutts to punching posture to fishing!

It makes sense if they grow in up and out cycles. He was looking rather skinny for a bit, ad now he's looking somewhat like a pear!

What marvelous little creatures and companions we have!


Staff member
Mine grew up and out, just as Trish and Paul have I get to watch the kittens as well and how they grow. Dracos was a bit of a chub until about a month ago and now he is getting taller and leaner...but he is not four months yet ;)


and his servant, Paul
I agree; I've seen Nitro kind of plump at times. He isn't right now; he does have some extra skin on himself though.

According to my breeder I got a freak of nature. It was her biggest, most serval-ish kitty ever (including the personality...supposedly), and she was almost as attached to him as admin is to Cinny. I've no idea who his grandaddy is, but his dad is a "rare fertile" F4, making him probably 30%+ serval.

Do you have measurements on your Lotto? I'd estimate Nitro at 20" chest to rear, 14" tall at the shoulders, and a 14.5" long tail.


and his servant, Paul
lol l.i.t I found a video of Dagger.

"Get him off of her blanket, please. Don't want him to drool all over that. It doesn't take him any time at all to SOAK a blanket." Dagger finds a pillow. "Or a pillow, for that matter"


Site Supporter
Ha Ha Ha! Yup, those are the videos! We're lucky that Lotto doesn't soak anything with drool... But the video of Dagger fishing minnows out of tupperware.... Well, Lotto likes to do that in the toilet! :-O

Sounds like you DID get a rather rare little boy! His pictures are beautiful, by the way. What a looker!

Not sure of Lotto's length, but I know he's about 12.5 in tall at the shoulder and about 14lbs. He still looks like a little kid, though! I'll try and measure his length once he gets down from the rafters!

I'm just Sooooooo thankful he's maturing into a 'good' cat. No problems with him chewing things up, he's pretty much learned minimal claws and teeth in play.... And now he literally throws himself down on his side to be rubbed! That is, when he's not playing in the litter (to him, sand) box!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's hard to make any generalizations or predictions on Savannah kittens' size and growth. We have mixed Serval and domestic genes...and those two cats grow differently. Servals tend to grow for much longer than the first year while a domestic cat does a lot of growing in the first year but not so much past that. So we expect our Savannahs to do something in between that.

Most Savannah kittens do go through awkward growth stages where they don't look as leggy as one expected and then suddenly shoot up again. Of course some just never shoot up again...