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Looking for 1st Savannah - Questions re: Gender


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Everyone! My husband and I are looking for our first Savannah cat. I've been doing a ton of research for the past several weeks and have talked to a couple of you on this forum via email (thank you!).

Our dilemma: we have two cats - one who is an "alpha" male, very dog-like, and tons of personality. Just after we rescued him, we got a second kitten (another rescue, same age, female) so that he would have company during the day. The female cat is very sweet but shy and very jumpy, and no amount of attention from us, separate space for her, etc. seems to help that. So we're not sure if her meek personality is just her, or the result of our other cat's stalking her around the house and generally intimidating her when we first brought her home (despite our best efforts at introductions).

Both cats are happy and healthy and are now 3 years old. They play together occasionally, fight very rarely, and generally tolerate each other well (but not best buddies). We are at the point where we're ready to add another cat to the family, and would like to get a Savannah. However, we are concerned about making sure that both of our existing cats are happy about this new edition.

So - that being said - we are wondering if it's best to introduce a male or a female (both of ours are neutered/spayed, and the new kitten will be as well), and second, we definitely want that inquisitive, "dog-like," outgoing Savannah personality we keep hearing about...but will that personality change given that there is already an "alpha" kitty in this house? I keep thinking about our second kitty and how shy and jumpy she is, and I'm not sure if that's because of the "alpha cat" thing or if that's just her personality.

Any advice on gender, generation, etc. as it pertains to selecting a Savannah for our family would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
It is really hard to say about your female, It might be just who she is. There will be no guarantee that adding a new cat everyone will get along. You SV could get along with both or neither, it's really hard to say. Best advise is that you confine the new kitten for a few weeks. Start intros behind the door after a few days by feeding them on each side of the door. They can start to smell each other. My new SV was quarantined for a month, when she decided to let herself out as she figured out how to open doors, she never hissed at my boy cats or my dogs. She just fit right in.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I'd probably more focus on the individual personality of the kitten. You want one that is easy going that won't necessarily start a turf war with your dominant male, and won't seek to bully your meek female also... but as Angie mentions your introductory process needs to be very slow to accommodate your female. This may mean it has to be a slower intro than the usual kitten too, but better in the long run.

I might also suggest that consulting Marilyn the Cat Coach ( might be valuable as she might give you tips to help with your female to make sure all goes smoothly :)


Staff member
I agree that what you need to look for is a kitten that is friendly, outgoing, and gets along with other cats and kittens - that is a start but even then there is no guarantee how your other cats will receive him or her. As others have said, I would take introductions slowly, and would probably start with the shy kitty first - try to develop a rapport with her and the new kitten before introducing the alpha cat to avoid those two potentially ganging up on the shy kitty. You will need to supervise closely, and be sensitive to their moods to avoid escalating behaviors. I hope you are able to find the perfect addition to your family!