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Looking for F1 or F2 male kitten

Does anybody know a reliable source in Colorado or neighboring states for such kittens? It appears lots of
scammers are out there. Thank you, Bohumila


Staff member
There are restrictions on ownership in the state of Colorado. Be sure to check that they are not restricted or illegal to own where you live within the state.

One of our member breeders, Patti, at Jasirisana breeds F2s. (Arizona)
Trish at occasionally has F2s (Nevada) (Utah)
Sue Armstrong, Amara Savannahs, Kentucky (F1s)

You can join Savannah Cat Enthusiasts group on FB for exposure to a lot of breeders. While it may be tempting to get a cat from a breeder close to where you live, that doesn't mean you'll get the best cat your money can buy. Search a larger geographic area to keep all your options open.

Best thing to do is research and when you find a breeder you're interested in, come back and ask us and we'll do some checking for you to help determine if the breeder is legit.

F2s can be a handful so be sure you read about all their good and bad traits. When I started searching for my first SV, I approached it from the perspective that I might get a cat with all the negatives -- standoffish, non cuddler, picky about which humans it would like, energetic to the point of whole house destruction -- and had to come to terms with what I would do if that happened.

Against all advice to not start with an F2, I started with an F2. For the first year I had him, I kept wondering what the hell was I thinking getting an F2. But, other than never seeming to sleep and shredding all of my furniture, he has a sweet, cuddly, awesome personality. He likes to knock things down so all of my valuables that survived his kittenhood are stuck to the furniture and walls with Quakehold.

My next was an F6 -- total terror as far as trouble making but also a lover boy. He's a bully and hates one of my F2s so they have to be separated most of the time. The F6 is on Prozac to curb is territorial aggression which he expends mostly toward my 2nd F2. He is tightly bonded to my first F2 as they were raised together.

My third was another F2 -- not socialized well by his breeder and I spent 3 years trying to get him to like me. He is going to be 8 yrs old this year and we have a live and let live relationship. I can pet him a couple times a day but he much prefers the company of other cats to humans.

My F1 (from Amara Savannahs) just turned 3 and he has a tremendous loving personality and he turned all of our lives upside down and inside out. We've made close to $18,000 in changes/renovations to our house to accommodate him (If I include the cost of replacing our wood flooring with vinyl flooring throughout the house -- which wasn't necessary but prudent, the cost would be over $30,000).

My F1 is huge and while my F2s are large, he is generally too enthusiastic in his play for them. Atticus is 26 lbs; my F2s are 22 lbs and 18 lbs; my F6 is 11 lbs. My F6 is the only cat my F1 respects and will back off when warned. The only cat who will play with Atticus is the F6 and that is chase only. So I am Atticuses' primary playmate and caregiver. He likes my husband but set strict boundaries on their relationship.

We have a catsitter that I introduced to Atticus as soon as he came home. She found him charming when he was little. He has knocked her down twice while we were gone -- not maliciously but in play. And he has gotten pissy with her quite a few times, so she keeps a broom close by to ward him off when he decides to challenge her. If she decides to stop cat sitting him, I doubt I'll find anyone else to take on the challenge. So if you're thinking about an F1 (and to some extent an F2), you need to factor in what you'll do if you go away and what you'll do if the cat does not tolerate the presence of others in your house. Atticus will tolerate visitors and strangers (handyman for example) but I have to watch him like a hawk because he will sometimes decide someone has overstayed his welcome and then he can get pushy and in their face. That's when I have to put Atticus in a room and lock the door.

And speaking of doors, we had to change all of our interior knobs to knobs that lock from both sides to keep him out of certain rooms and keep him locked a room in when necessary. He can open round knobs and lever knobs.

Atticus hates one of my F2s, has beat him up a couple of times requiring vet visits, lancing of abcess, treatment of scratched eyes. So now that F2 spends half a day in our sunroom which we enclosed for him. He has access to the house the other half day when I lock Atticus up. I've tried all the recommended methods for getting them to live peacefully and none work for longer than a week or two.

So that's another thing to think about regardless of which generation you decide on. What will you do if one or more of your cats hate each other.

F1s tend to bond to one person. I can physically handle him when he's upset or angry and while he sometimes acts as though he'll bite or scratch me, he always pulls back. He has slapped me in the face a few times, no claws, and left a bruise. There is no one else who can handle him. That is a load of responsibility -- if he gets into trouble or a situation where he may be hurt and I'm not around. My husband would be mincemeat if he attempted to handle Atticus while the cat was upset. For a simple annual check up at the vet's, he has to be anesthetized.

Geez, I've written an encyclopedia. But I hope I've given you lots to think about as you decide which generation to get.

I am so glad you wrote us, as you said, an encyclopedia. It’s really helpful.

The site I was unable to access it. I checked out other side with regard this restriction and I found out that in Colorado, the city of Denver, all generations of Savannah are ILLEGAL, rest of state legal to own Savannahs. We live in Erie, close to Longmont, close to Boulder, so we are no under this restriction.

We had checked out the breeders Amambu Cattery and CariCats, both in Colorado. The latter one carries F2. The owner asks for her kittens$ 5,000.00 varying by $500.00 depending on marking, size etc.. She has nothing available at the moment but waiting for her cat to be in the heat. Have you heard about CariCats and or about Abambu??

Due to the high price we are not considering anymore to own F1.

We would like to have some wild character in our new cat. I understand when you introduce a kitten to your adult cats the kitten will be welcome.

Some years ago we moved to Tripoli, Libya at North Africa with 3 cats. British shorthair, Scottish fold bought in Baku, Azerbaijan and Himalaya, adopted in Houston at the vet. Somebody left him there after hurricane Katrina. We stayed in Tripoli for almost 4 years and were adopted there by a Libyan mix kitten, who started coming to us to be fed. Just to cut the story short, after all vaccines and medical exams he was introduced to our adult cats and was very well accepted. The same I will expect from the welcoming F2. Currently we have just 2 cats, Himalaya and the Libyan one. The Scottish fold died 2 years ago of cancer and British shorthair less than one month ago of kidney failure. We are still saddened by his loss. The British shorthair at the beginning was hating the Himalayan cat, also requiring vet visits, due to abscesses. We heard Savannahs accept well other cats, but perhaps it’s just breeder’s talk. All cats we have now are males. We are thinking to have another male as the companion for the Libyan mix, who is lean but yet weights solid 16 lbs.

We visited with Abambu and had the chance to see her fantastic F1 female. She was very nice and came immediately to my husband side to be pet. We also visited with a lady who lives in Longmont and owns F1, male & female and F2 beside other cats. We cannot say the house was without decoration and in some way prepared for the cats.

Please, whenever you can, let me have your thoughts. I wonder where you are located.

Thank you,



Staff member
If you are on FB, you can look here: - listed alphabetically by state...

Zafarii Savannahs - Karen Betker Webber - - is in Michigan and a supporter of this forum...I know her personally. She is in Michigan, but ships.

Sue Armstrong, as Witchy mentioned is in Kentucky and has a litter of F2's coming up - she is also a supporter and many of us know her personally - she is highly recommended. She also ships.


Staff member
I've never heard of this group before so please don't think it's the only place you can find a reputable breeder. This forum has many breeders who participate on it that I would consider trustworthy
That group is mine and yes, I would always recommend looking here first...but I took great pains on the fb group to add only reputable breeders. So if someone cannot find a kitten here, they can look there - especially in Canada or the UK or elsewhere in Europe.