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Looking for the best F3/F4 breeders

Hey everyone.

I am curious if any of you can point me to some of the better F3 breeders out there? I've done quite a bit of research and in my opinion f1hybrids seems like they produce some of the best F1 and F2 cats, but they unfortunately don't produce F3s. I love the long legs, ears, and necks of the F1 and F2s but because of my living conditions (renting), work schedule, and budget, I cannot purchase an F1 or F2.

If any of you own an F3/F4 that portrays some of the prominent features found in the F1/F2s and would like to tell me which breeder you chose, I'd love to know.

I'm also very nervous about running into genetic issues later down the road. Has anyone know anything about They seem like a great breeder but many members on here know much more than I do. I'm also considering and since they are in the Colorado area, I live in Castle Rock CO. However, I wish these breeders posted more photos of their past kittens as adults. I've been in contact with all of them and they seem like great people! Ultimately, I don't want to come off as a stickler for needing the perfect looking cat. All of these animals are extremely beautiful. My reasoning is if I'm going to spend the money for such a beautiful animal, I just want to ensure I'm getting a high quality cat to love and cherish over the many years ahead!

Thanks for all your help I look forward to hearing your advice.

- Matt

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Agreed with Patti that the breeders most trustworthy are ones that are listed here.

You mention that A1Savannahs "seem" a great breeder to you (for example out of the ones you did mention), what is it that made you decide that they were good? Was it the website? The pretty photography or the claims that they are the founder of the breed? Which is untrue, Joyce Sroufe is one of THREE people attributed with that, and the Engsters are not that person, they simply purchased the cattery from the people that purchased from her. It's important to distinguish what the current owners are achieving versus past history of previous owners...

Do they test for the diseases that might be relevant to this breed? Heart screening, PK Deficiency, PRA are a few of the things you might want to ask about. If you are nervous about running into issues down the road as you say, you need to be sure a breeder is testing their cats.

As you have noticed, it is easier to find the traits you want in an F1/F2 (but also they are a LOT more cat to live with which may not suit all homes, it's not just the cost), the breeder and their program have a lot more to do with the look of the later generation kittens... good luck with your search!


Staff member
Both F3 breeders you mentioned are fine.

Josie of Rivers Ridge is listed in our breeder directory and is in WV - you may want to contact her. You may want to contact some of the others as well...