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Looking to get my first~


Savannah Super Cat
I am looking to get my first Savannah cat within the next few months. I have my heart set on buying or adopting a F2, but I do understand that that may not be very easy for me to obtain due to my budget. Because I am not someone with a lot of money, a retired breeder or some adult would be best. Due to money, I am looking for a cat that I could take home in a few months for about $2,000.
I am not wanting any silvers and am fine with a some-what older cat. I do feel comfortable with possibly having to work on some problems a cat may have like being shy or not taking to strangers easily.
I have been preparing for the day I may finally own my own Savannah by building my own Cat Shelves and will soon be doing my own extra sturdy cat trees and will soon be getting toys as well.

If someone would like to talk to me about a Savannah, I do not have Private Messaging yet, but I can be contacted at or