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Loose Stools, on and off

John Popp

Site Supporter
Our boy Dino who is on a raw diet consisting primarily of rabbit and chicken seems to be having a loose stool issue. I haven't totally narrowed things down, but it seems to be into the second day of eating Chicken. Other possible culprits are that he has been getting into the basement at our temporary residence, and there was a rodent super highway running along the front foundation wall of the house. The rodents are long since gone, but I am sure there is feces up there, and if Dino gets down there that's right where he goes.

All his thawed food is consumed within 48 hours, and none is left on his plate after 15 minutes. I'm guessing it's roughly 10-12 ounces a feeding twice a day. Rabbit for two days, chicken for two days. We also keep our refrigerator very cold, just to the point where beverages don't freeze so we don't have any issues. It's not uncommon for Dino's first feeding on a new bag of raw to not be completely thawed and he has no issues eating it that cold.

The loose stools appear to be showing up on the second day of feeding chicken. The chicken is good quality organic chicken thighs, combined with hearts and livers. There are three different sources however for the thighs, hearts and livers so despite having a high level of confidence in the thighs and hearts, the livers could be potentially suspect. All the chicken gets about a 15 second dive into boiling salt water before getting ground to kill any bacteria.

That's all I have so far and with a new kitten coming home I just want to get this narrowed down so I can figure out whether it's an environment issue, a food issue or a Dino issue. Fortunately I will have a few weeks transition to raw for the new kitten and that won't even begin until he's done with his quarantine.

Thanks in advance for your response!


Staff member
John, first thing to do is bring a stool sample to the vet to rule out e coli, giardia, etc...and then try to narrow it down food wise...there is always a chance of some kind of contamination in chicken - especially organic chicken, which when uncooked, tends to have more e coli than others...

John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks Paige!

Loose stool today, and tomorrow he'll be back to fine. I'm guessing 1 in 4 days the issue exists, and it seems to be on the second day of eating chicken. The fast recovery is the part that leaves me scratching my head.

Also, I took him in last week with a stool sample to make sure he was all good, and no issues reported.

Not suggesting the chicken isn't tainted in some way, just confused.


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Agree with Paige. The only to way to identify the culprit after a negative fecal is to start the elimination diet. Two of my boys started getting loose stools on the 2nd day of eating beef so I stopped feeding it to them. After several years of eating it with no problem, something changed.

Dino could be developing an allergy to the chicken or he may not need liver more than 1x per week total. I think I would start with reducing/eliminating the liver.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Was the negative fecal an in-house fecal float or was a sample sent off for PCR? It's best to be absolutely sure there's no infectious cause!

It might just be he doesn't tolerate chicken well, it's one of the more common culprits for food allergies so possibly the problem..

And yes, if he's accessing mouse poop, maybe a parasite is the issue...

John Popp

Site Supporter
The stool sample was sent out so I assume it would include a PCR Whatever that is, and I got the results a few days later. I didn't bring him in for any specific issues, and he is pretty much a model of good health.

The mouse issue has been gone for a while (more than 6 months) and I'm not sure how long stuff could hang out in the feces. I did vacuum the spot out as best I could, but I was doing it blind without enough space to take a peak. That part is all pretty aggravating as if I was back in our house I could deal with things in the manner I saw fit.

Lastly the stools aren't so loose they are like pies or anything but not well formed and stinky. This is also only the third back and forth food cycle we noticed it on and it seems to get remedied by simply going back to the rabbit.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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I have switched from raw chicken to raw turkey sense Thanksgiving. My boys were getting tired of the chicken. So it is at least a bit of a change. I process it the same, but sometimes the drum sticks needs two tries to make it through the grinder. For that reason I only buy turkeys that are less than 15 lbs.

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Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Ok--so combining this thread and the One Fast Cat one, I'm thinking John may be real glad that you can hose off the wheel... ;-)

John Popp

Site Supporter
I haven't ever had luck with Turkey, and the Evo 95% Chicken and Turkey Dino was eating before he arrived he has just turned his nose up at.

I really hope it's just a matter of dialing back the liver, as otherwise I'm going to have issues with just feeding rabbit. I don't like feeding our cats animals conceivably larger than what their natural prey would be, and duck was a non-mover for him.

Anyway, thanks for the extra tips.
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