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Lost SV Cat Wilmington NC

Kelly Struble

Savannah Child
My little 1 year old boy got away from me yesterday on a walk (he got spooked). Unfortunately we were not at our house, we were about 10 miles away walking a piece of land that we just purchased. We searched all day and night for him and could not find him. We left a blanket, carrier and food for him.

There are several stray cats in the area that are pretty nice, we heard there is a local lady who feeds them. We are going to try to find out who she is so we can notify her. We are putting up flyers today and are going to notify several people who live by.

Dose anyone have any tips on how to get him home? Do SV's typically travel far or do they stay in one place? I am just sick with worry and don't know what to do. He is micro chipped and we have contacted the company to let them know he is missing.

The SV is community is great, so I am reaching out once again for your help. Anyone have experience with a run away SV? Thank you in advance for you help.


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry to hear about your boy being lost out there. Is there any opportunity for you to set up a lawn chair and just sit out there for some time each day? If he sees you he might come to you.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Get lots and lots of flyers made up with a good color picture of your boy on it, and put them EVERYWHERE. You can also get little 1/4 page ones made up (print 4 to a page and cut them up) and hand them to every person you speak to. The more people that know he is lost and what he looks like the better. The more flyers up the more that people realize how desperate you are for your cat and they are more likely to look at that flash of fur they see near their back fence or darting under a car.

Definitely find the lady that fees the feral cats... he very likely might start hanging out there.

And just don't give up. Often if a cat is spooked they will find a hiding spot and can hide out there for a few days (one feral cat lady told me 5 days) before they get hungry enough to come out and search for food. So if you don't see him in the next couple of days definitely don't lose hope!

Joey Jordan

Savannah Super Cat
I'm sorry to hear about you baby. I had a bengal and he jumped over my 6 ft fence once and was gone for almost two days. I called the microchip company and they told me if I had any litter he'd used to spread it around close to my house. She stated they can smell their scent. Sure enough about 1am that night he came running upstairs and jumped in my bed. (I have a dog door that was open at the time) I don't know what your situation is but if you could try that and maybe have the time to sit and wait a while. Like Brigitte said, don't give up.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I sure hope you find your kitty! You might want to consider setting several live traps, though you may possibly end up trapping some of the ferals. Use tuna or mackeral fish inside the traps.

I'd also try Joey's suggestion of the used litter. Can you set up a tent or trailer near where he is missing so you can stay in case he comes around?

Brigitte's suggestion of the flyers is a great one, as well as placing an ad on Craigslist in the area he was lost. Be sure to offer a reward, and use pics in any ads or flyers...the more, the better.

Best of luck...keep us posted! Fingers crossed and prayers said your next post is that you found him...


Site Supporter
I have never lost a SV cat but I had a few close ones, I think the more time you spend looking over the area where he got lost the faster you will find him, leave some food out it will attract stray and savannahs , hope he comes when you call him, he is probably close by. Good LUCK


Savannah Super Cat
Never lost my Whiskey but one time, we had new windows put in my apt and Mischief got out. So after crying and worrying, I went out calling his name and the little devil (he did not get his name by being an angel, trust me) came creeping to me from one of the bushes right by me. I hope and pray you find him soon.


Savannah Super Cat
Usually cats wont run too far at first. I think he is still pretty close to where he got spooked since it only happened yesterday. I don't know if its possible for you to, but if you could try searching around 2-3 am, because its quiet and he will most likely be alert. Especially if he talks back when you call his name. That is how I found my DLH Captain a couple years ago. About three nights after she got out I woke up around 2 am, walked down the street calling her name, and eventually heard her crying out for me. I found her down the street in someones yard hiding behind some wood. I was so relieved. I read about searching late at night on some website... not sure which one but there is a lot of tips on Google too. I really hope you find your boy good luck!