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Lotto says "Mom, I'm bored"


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Sooooo....hello to all my Savannah Cat Chat cohorts.

Lotto (god love him) is almost a whole 2 years old now...and apparently he has reached a stage of boredom. Granted, we have always had a lot of interaction with him (we both work from home)....and we recently moved into a new house in up until now, life has been EXCITING and NEW for our little guy.

But for the past month, he has been....well....bored. We still interact with him, take him (and our other kitty) on walks, and try to play with him - but he just isn't very interested in toys anymore. We have the gammut of kitty entertainment devices, too. But balls, stuffed animals, toy mice, string, helicopter toys, boxes, tubes, under cover movement, etc just don't interest him anymore. I wouldn't worry, except that he will follow me around the house and look at me and 'meeeeeeeeeeeeeew' in his little weenie voice.

He does enjoy a few things - he still likes his routine of being chased around the house (but i admit I'm only willing to do SO much running LOL), and he still enjoys his walks (about 4 days/week). But he will lie down and his eyes will be open, and he will be *waiting* for someone to entertain him.

Has anyone run into this problem? And if so, have you found the miracle cure :Geeky:? Perhaps this is just what age does to a savannah. Our other cat is 6 years old, and she prefers to sleep most of her life unless it is walk time.

Thank you for any help,

Concerned 'boring' mother

PS - no health problems...Lot Lot eats well, has plenty of energy when being chased or walking outside, and is still reasonably curious (although not like he was when he was a youngster) checks all good!

John Popp

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There isn't any boredom in our household with a 6 month and a year and a half old SV. Sounds like Lotto needs someone who can subscribe to his energy level. At that point, even the things now seeming mundane will be appreciated again as there is some competition for them.

Let the games and the SV search begin!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think John has it, your kitty's boredom will probably be best alleviated with a similar-energied companion.

If you really can't consider another pet, have you considered clicker training him? This might engage his mind a little's worth trying?


I am having this problem, except Duma has two boys to play with around his age. He turns 2 in a few days, and his brothers are 3.25 and 2.5. The only toy he seems to like these days is Turbo Track (he's going at it now), even Da Bird gets no love :(


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I agree with @John Popp et al, a new companion might be what perks him up again. However, this may just be a stage in life he's going through and if he otherwise seems contented I'm not convinced that anything necessarily needs to be 'fixed'


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Thanks to everyone who replied. Oddly enough, a few weeks ago, my husband said 'too bad we can' t get him a companion'... You see, we live in a neighborhood with an HOA that limits the number of pets to 2. Not to mention that it was emotionally hard on our manx (the 6 year old) when we got Lotto. We have always had 3 cats (one passed away early this year) but our manx was always the youngest and got the most attention. It took her nearly a year to warm up to Lotto. Nevertheless, if our HOA ever lifted the restriction or 'lightened up' a little, we would definitely consider it. Right now, we are under their radar for having a hybrid cat.

Aside from another kitty, I am lost about what I can do - or maybe Patti is right and nothing really needs to be done. I think he is happy and content outside of the boredom. He is much more loving now - lots and lots of bumps, lots of licking and wanting to be by my side - he purrs a lot more... But he just doesn't *play* as much. Perhaps it is also the winter here - there are fewer lizards and bugs to chase when he out in his enclosure.

We have always considered ourselves lucky, as he was never a really destructive kitten (unrolling toilet paper, getting into cabinets, chewing on things, eating our food). So perhaps he just isn't very adept at self entertainment. I like the idea about clicker training - but have a question... He doesn't get excited about food enough to use it as treats (he's really picky - outside of kitty food, all he will eat is mango juice, a little ccoconut, and a few pieces of freeze dried chicken. And he prefers them on his own time and does not go crazy for anything - for example, he has no interest in puzzle toys because the treats inside don't excite him). Is it possible to do clicker training without food for rewards?

Thanks again for the replies!


Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Our Leto is just 19 months and while we've only had him for 4 months now we could see he needed some one else here to keep up with him. Thus Stilgar came home about 5 weeks ago now. So that has certainly kept him entertained, sorry to hear about the HOA. That seems awful restrictive on indoor pets, but guess they figured they had to pick a number.

As for toys, have you checked out Hyendry toys?
The sheep toys are a hit here, they smell 'sheepy' so I think that helps engage them. And the OMG baton with the Nekkid Flyer feather is a HUGE hit!

For treats my guys do like the freeze dried chicken, only one likes freeze dried turkey. But right now their MOST favorite is freeze dried chicken hearts.

I have to try and sneak it out of the bag to cut up into smaller pieces. Usually that doesn't work well and I have to move from counter to counter to keep them from it! LOL

Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Oh! And yes, we've bought some hyendry toys :). Specifically an alpaca toy and a rabbit catnip one. Lotto was mildly iinterested in the rabbit toy - our manx took a liking to the alpaca.... In fact, she kept 'grooming' the part that faced up from the floor - now 1/2 of the alpaca has an afro :roflmao:

20130217_084015.jpg 20130217_084025.jpg

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
LOL! Our love the sheep ones it seems, bunny kicks them to death! One was so beaten I took the stuffing out of it... and now we can't find it. I'm sure it's hidden in some secret stash somewhere in the house!