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Lowkey and friends



Hey all,

This is my little man, Lowkey. The other three kitties you see are for my MIL. She'll be picking them up on Friday! Thank God because I am beat! Trying to feed 6 cats wet food is not fun. I apologize that they are all from my phone!

Dubbed "Lucy" until her mom names her.

Dubbed "Ethal" until her mom names her.

Dubbed "Ricky" until mom can name him.



Savannah Super Cat
I think Lowkey is very precious! All of the kittens are cute. They look like F4s or F5s to me, but I don't have the experienced breeder's eye that many on here do.


Will they still have the personality of the higher gen? What exactly is the difference? I understand it's how closely related they are to a Serval and of course their size, but will they still like to play in water? Be taken on walks? Or will they be more like my domestic kitties?


Hehe i looove the third pic of Lucy with the domo-kun toy. Her tail looks all fluffed and excited from playing with it I imagine.


SVs will still have the big cat attitude with a tendency to bond strongly with people and be very affectionate, and very active. Some lower gens like water, Kronos doesn't love it so he doesn't go out of his way to play in it. He does like walks though, but honestly any cat can learn to like walks. They all love the great outdoors! The key is getting them used to wearing a harness while young.

Higher gen SVs from my understanding are a bit more finicky with the things they like and don't like, bipolar is a word maybe to explain it lol, with extremes. What they like they REAALLLY like, and what they hate they REAALLLY hate lol. I don't think the lower gens have as extreme reactions... again not owning a high gen SV I can only speak from what I have read/heard. Also the most obvious difference is the way they look.

That boy looks like he might be F4.. The rest to me F5 or F6 even.