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"Ma, gimme some cake!"


Savannah Super Cat
When we first got Kovu he was a beggar.

It was bad. Think Raptors chasing/killing their prey.. Luckily with the help of squirting water bottles we were able to end that quickly. :)

But something about birthday cake today set him off. He was determined to get my cake. lol He was very pissed off when we wouldn't let him have any. It was even hard to get pictures of the cake without Kovu trying to devour it.

In the last picture he was meowing his little head off. haha


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Staff member
Happy Birthday Ashley! Poor Kovu probably thinks he deserves a treat after dealing with a soupy butt yesterday. And what goes better with milk than cake? LOL.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Deborah. lol You're right, a nice cold glass of milk does sound pretty good with the cake. :)
He just thinks he is getting all sorts of spoiled: milk, chicken & rice, now cake... lol