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Maclaw Cat Wheel - A HUGE Hit


Staff member
We received the cat wheel today and I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it is...this wheel is handmade, custom built, impeccable instructions, wonderful customer service and a work of art, not just a cat wheel!

It has a rubberized running surface, so has a springboard was packed extremely well and flew from the UK - no damage...

It is much larger than the cat wheel b y the cat wheel company, so the cats are getting used to it...they haven't figured out yet how to run side by side, but I'm sure they will...

The construction is just fantastic!!! I can't say enough good things about this cat wheel...and I did hear from Allan and Jacqui that Allan may be able to actually begin building cat wheels full-time, which is wonderful!!! They are Bengal breeders, so understand our breed and what high energy cats need. Zuri was actually really tired for the first time after running...usually she is not on the other wheel!

Their cats test every wheel, so I am confident of its ability to hold up to the rigoius workout my savannahs will give it...oh and it is pretty quiet...the other wheel is so darn noisy!!!


cinny-maclaw-wheel-Edit.jpg zuri-cinny-maclaw-wheel-Edit.jpg zuri-maclaw-wheel-Edit.jpg


Site Supporter
Nice! The cats and the wheel look great! They really seem to enjoy it. How tall is it? I am wondering where I could put something like that :)