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Making progress

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Echo jumped the baby gate a few nights ago to come out of his room and check out the house after we went to bed. The dogs approached him too quick and scared him and he went back to his room.This happened before I even knew he came out.

Yesterday I took him to our large hallway (where there was less activity then his room right off the great room) to allow our friends to see him. That actually worked out well and he allowed a couple of the females to pet him while he was on my lap. When he had enough, he ran down the hall and jumped the gate and went into a bathroom. The dogs of course got there before I did and they were just sitting there looking at each other. He was ready to go into his crate to be put back in his room, but he was able to see the dogs were just curious and didn't want to hurt him. Makes me not so afraid to let them get to know each other, with supervision of course.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Can"t find any treat he likes. I've tried several things and he's just not interested in anything I've tried.

Funny, his bedroom door is maybe 15-20 ft from where we sit in the great room and watch TV. He just now jumped the gate with us sitting here. Poor boy, the miniature schnauzer, Gretchen, charged up to him and scared him back into his room. Now to figure out how to get her to understand she can't be charging at him and it's okay for him to be here. Definitely getting more comfortable and braver! It's wonderful to see him start to come out of his comfort zone.


Staff member
Try putting the dog in a crate in the great room and let the cat out to explore. They can observe each other in safety, get used to each others' presence and you can work on dog obedience later. I'd keep trying the crate thing for a week or two. Then reverse and crate the cat and let the dog meet the cat through the safety of the crate.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Definitely won't have helped that your dog rushed him... maybe you could either shut up the dogs for an evening so he can feel safe to come out, or put them on leashes so they are under control?


Staff member
GREAT JOB, ECHO...and glad to hear he is venturing will take a while, but echo will come around. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with him. Both deborah and Brigitte had great ideas for keeping the dog contained, so Echo will feel safe when out for a bit.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Have not tried salmon or tuna. No fish in the house since I am allergic. Could pick up a can and freeze it in small portions for him.

I did lock the dogs in our room last night and took the baby gate down. I slept in the room with him as I often do when he's crying a lot and keeping us up all night. Seems to comfort him as his tone isn't nearly as loud (and he is loud!) and not as much crying. He ventured out about 6 ft into the great room a couple of times that I was awake, but came right back in.

Going to put Gretchen on a lead and make her go slow. Maybe not just yet. He's just so soft and pretty, I really have to resist the urge and not grab him up and cuddle him. :big grin:

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Well, last night, locked dogs in mine and the man's room and slept with Echo and took down the baby gate. He cried a good portion of the night, but he had his way with my house! I could tell he explored quite a bit, counters, formal dining room and great room and the furniture. Checked on him a couple times during the night, and he seemed pretty comfortable. Once the sun came up, back in his room he went.