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Male vs female?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Males for the most part are more laid back and even tempered than girls. They seem to get along better with other cats and pets without establishing pecking order, though it does happen on occasion.

Females, in my experience, seem to be more...prone to mood changes. Don't get me wrong. I love the girls for that reason!

I am also speaking of neutered or spayed cats vs intact ones, which comes with its own set of rules and social hierarchy, lol.

There are also exceptions to the rule. Some males may be more intense than others, and some girls are very quiet and cool....always the same in temperament no matter the situation.

I don't think it matters for your first Savannah whether you choose a boy or a girl (or two). What matters is how comfortable you are with the breeder you have chosen; their ability to communicate with you no matter your questions, answer in a timely matter; their reputation (ask for references from past customers...or research this forum), and if you fall in love with the kitten(s) when you see will know in your heart if you have chosen the right kitten for you and your home :) A good breeder will be able help you match a kitten's personality with one that is right for you, even if it is not one you initially choose by its pics, however...even if you have to wait for the right one to come along.


Staff member
If you are getting a kitten as a pet and plan to alter it, there is less of a difference in gender, however in general I have found boys to be more relaxed and laid back and girls to be much more the mischief/trouble makers. If size is important to you first realize that after the first generation (F1) most Savannahs are the size of normal or large domestic cats, however boys tend to be larger than girls. As for looks and personality, that will all be individual based on genetics and environment (just like us humans :) so be sure to ask about these things when you talk to breeders. If possible, ask to see pics of previous litters or of the parents, and ask about their personalities.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As said above, generally the boys are more laidback and girls the troublemakers. But I like the troublemakers, so find them more amusing too! So it depends on what cat you want....

In any event, the individual kitten will matter too. There are naughty boys and laidback calm girls... it also depends on what cats you also have as adding another male cat to a house with already two fairly strong personality males might be a mistake, as might adding another female cat to an already all-female cat household. Often it is best to find a good balance of male and female pets in a home too...