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Male will only breed with one female


Savannah Super Cat
Has anyone had this happen? I have an 11 month old male Savannah who bred his yr. old companion. They've been sharing living space for about 5 mos. and were introduced to each other by their breeder before I picked them up knowing that I was going to breed them. He bred her for the first time (and the first breeding for both of them). She did not become pregnant; she's an F1 and he's an F5. A week later my F2 went into heat and although they are great pals and she tried her best to entice him, he would not breed her. Then just last night my 2nd F2 went into heat and he would not breed her. She was terrified of him until she went into heat and then she did her best to entice him as well. No Luck. Any ideas about what might be wrong? They were alone in a room. When he bred the F1 they running around loose with everyone. We're a small cattery of 7 cats so they all know each other well and my male does not spray so far. Thanks, Sue from Northern Savannahs/w/Love


Staff member
Savannahs can be picky that way - I have two girls right now that I have put in with a male while they were in heat and although he loved the company, was completely uninterested in breeding them. He also has an F2 as a constant companion that he completely ignored while she was in heat. Yet he's bred other females without hesitation...

So one trick I learned several years ago is to collect the urine of the girl he does like while she's in heat, then put it on the females he's ignoring when they are in heat and his interest may start to pick up - this has worked for me pretty consistently in the past.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks a lot Patti. I've been pulling my hair out wondering what to do. My poor girls and then This boy that cost me a fortune ignoring them while they're clearly uncomfortable. You have to be tough to do this. My heart bleeds for them! Thanks again, Sue


Savannah Super Cat
My house. Right in the middle of all the other cats. This time I have them in a room by themselves. I'm lucky, so far he doesn't spray. He's already bred one cat aithough no pregnancy.


Savannah Super Cat
Sounds like typical Savannahs to me! :cool: Young boys can be very selective, sometimes they fixate on one female because she is familiar. Usually they will get over it eventually however if they have a low libido, that may contribute. It can be frustrating having one stud who is like that. He may not breed the other girls for up to a year. You may want to keep in your mind having an experienced back up boy. They are all different and SV females can be fractious when bred. My stud would not breed an F2 in his pen. He wanted space to run if he had to.