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Malibu, Kali & Odrick


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Hi guys...I'm Abby from New Orleans. I've been a lurker for a few years but I finally made it here, although my journey has been bittersweet.

I lost a cat that was very special to me last month on 3/17/2018. His name was Malibu (DLH) and he was the love of my life. Without trying to sound pompous, I consider myself to be an excellent cat owner. I feed my cats a species-appropriate raw food diet, I don't over-vaccinate and I've never skipped his annual Senior Panel bloodwork. I thought he was going to live well into his 20's...probably 25 because I took such good care of him. He was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma and deteriorated unbelievably quickly. I had to put him to sleep on the morning of his 12th birthday. It didn't matter that I had an excellent pet insurance policy and funds available to throw at the situation. Nothing mattered or helped. I feel cheated of the 10+ years I should have had left with him. My heart is broken and there are moments where I can't help but to "ugly" cry. I still have my sweet 7yo DLH, Kali, who has really been here for me during this difficult time and I adore her.

I made a video tribute to helps my heart heal. He wasn't a Savannah so I won't get my feelings hurt if you don't want to watch it. But if you like sweet kitty pictures and video clips and have 5 minutes to kill, clink on the link here --->In Loving Memory; Malibu

Long before Malibu got sick, I found the Savannah Cat breed and this forum. I knew for a few years now that when he left me, I wanted to get a Savannah...I just thought "that day" would be farther in the future. I contacted Sue Armstrong (am I allowed to say names here? I think so because I've seen other posters do it but this is my first thread so if I mess up, please feel free to correct me) just to open lines of communication. I was thinking maybe I would see if she was going to have any kittens later this year (fall/winter). I explained my story and she emailed me back with the most thoughtful, lengthy and caring response. I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump in right away but the more we chatted, the more excited I started to get. I prayed about it for a while and yesterday I mailed off a hard copy of the contract and deposit check for a little F2 baby boy! I've named him Odrick. Do you think I'm allowed to attach his little baby pictures here? Sue sent me some privately, as they are not on her website yet. She didn't tell me not to show them and there wasn't anything in the contract that says I couldn't share the pics but I don't want to do anything I'm not supposed to! HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE, YA'LL!! :in love:

Anyway...I'm sure I'm going to have lots of questions and probably need some help along the way. Nice to finally introduce myself and I will see you guys around.

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Welcome Abby. So sorry to hear about your loss and know the pain of loosing a beloved pet. I can see how special Malibu was to you. Your Memorial of him was beautiful. I had three older DSH's that passed away from 2010-2015 (all older the 16). I started a new family with 2 cat depot rescues. A year later we got a female F3 and bit the bullet with an F1 male to complete the family. I did a lot of research for over 10years on Savannahs and took the plunge. Savannahs are amazing and have endless energy. I'm glad I have 2 savannahs to entertain each other. My 2 DSH's can't keep up with their endless energy.
Sue is a wonderful breeder and you will find others on this site that have worked with her. I spoke to her about one of her f2 kittens a few years ago. She was very helpful and I wish I would have purchased her kitten. (Just wasn't sure at the time and didn't know about this site)
I look forward to seeing pictures of Odrick! (Maybe ask Sue for permission :) )


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Welcome Abby and I'm so sorry for the loss of Malibu! Your tribute to him is so touching! We love anything cats here and you are always welcome to post their photos and videos - doesn't matter whether they are Savannahs or not.

Sure is a very good friend of mine and she will not mind you posting pictures, so post away.

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Hi Abby, I am so sorry for the loss of your Malibu. The memorial made me cry, it was so touching. I lost my last cat that very same way. Six months before his 12th birthday, fine one day, gone a month later. Glad you found your way here, and that you have a new baby on the way. Can't wait to see the pics!

SV Dad

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Hi Abby,
You will find we love all of the cats, breed regardless. Many folks have mixed prides of cats in their homes.
Sorry about Malibu. Many of us on the forums share your grief.
I am currently walking that path of lymphoma with one of my savannahs. So far he is in good shape and being treated. But I know there is a sad day ahead.
I have said this may times to new owners. You are in for the treat of your life. These are amazing, energetic, highly intelligent critters that will keep your hands full, and your belly full of laughs.
Welcome to the forum, and be prepared to be a servant!


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Condolences on the loss of Malibu and congratulations on acquiring your first Savannah. Several of us here are owned by Sue's cats. I have a 4 yr old F1 male from her and 2 F2s and an F6 from other breeders. When Atticus arrived home after an unanticipated glitch in his flight, he strode right out of the carrier like he owned the world, sniffed my toe and went belly up for a rub. He is the sweetest pain in the butt and keeps the whole house on its toes. I'm certain you'll be gobsmacked by your new baby. Remember that you don't have to feel guilty about loving someone new. Malibu may be physically gone but lover never dies. And, yes, post those pictures. Can't wait to see Odrick.


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Thank you all for the warm welcome. It's funny how "strangers" on the internet understand how I feel more than my friends & family do. I appreciate your kind words and similar stories more than you can imagine. (Not that I'm glad anyone else has been through the loss of a special kitty)

I attached pics of Odrick from last week when he was 19 days old. He will be 4 weeks on Monday. We still have quite a way to go before he comes home! But it's OK because I'm still trying to adjust to life without Malibu in it.

I don't know much about picking a Savannah kitten. All I knew is that I wanted an F2 boy. Sue had 2 litters of F2 kittens. There were 5 total but only one boy! I think it means he was made for me. He is stunning (to me). I'm so excited to meet him.



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He is awesome! Look forward to seeing Odrick grow. (Just wait till you see how much he grows) Just increase your cloud storage now.:)


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Malibu was a gorgeous boy and your tribute was beautiful.
Odrick is a real cutie, he will bring a whole new dimension to your life - I think I already see mischief in his eyes... :giggle: