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SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat

Mayhem passed away last week, just shy of his 11th birthday, after a long remission of lymphoma. Originally named for his kitten antics and shenanigans, he grew to be an exceptionally well behaved Savannah with a charming personality. When he was diagnosed with lymphoma he was estimated to have 6 to 18 months left. He made 43 months. All of them of a high quality of life. He generously spent that time training his nephew (R2) and his niece (Arya) to be model Savannahs. Special thanks to his adopted human mother Laura, whose very attentive care gave him so much more time with us. Like his brother Rascal before him, he will be dearly missed and forever remembered for their affection and joy of life.


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So very sorry to hear that Mayhem has passed away, there are never any words at times like this. Cherish the memories, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Rest in peace old boy.


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I am very sorry to hear that Mayhem has passed, I know he had a wonderful life with you and your family.


Staff member
I'm so sorry to hear that Mayhem passed. I'm glad he had almost 4 years after his diagnosis and I know you gave him the best care. He was one of the original guys here as Deb said and we will miss him...hope all is ok with you, Mike!


Savannah Super Cat
I am so sorry for your loss... Reading through past posts here I feel like I knew Mayhem and the rest of your Savannah family. And I know how much he was loved ....

John Popp

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So sorry Mike. I'm glad Mayhem had some time with the kittens, I'm sure it helped in his remission as well as gave him the opportunity to hand down some of his wisdom. I hope Aria is doing ok in his absence, she certainly adored and admired him. Hopefully, the rest of the posse is adept at striking fear amongst the chipmunks, I'm sure they'll make Mayhem proud.