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Mazuri Use & Raw Diet


Savannah Kitten
So Danba my F2 SV has finally started to eat Nature's Variety Instinct Raw (Thank god, he wouldn't eat anything else) and I want to move him to a full raw\bone diet. I understand Mazuri is the best and had a "stupid" question to ask. Mazuri for whole pray is in powder form so how to you provide it?

I will be getting my feeders next week and I imagine I just provide him the whole thing and if so how to I get Danba his powder base supplement? Or am I suppose to ground the pray up and mix in the supplement?

Anyway for people that provide their SV's whole pray how do you provide the supplements?


Staff member
Since some vitamins & amino acids are known to become less effective when frozen, I think it's better to add it right before feeding. I sprinkle the powder on their food right before I feed them. When I first introduced them to it, they were suspicious of the new smell so I sprinkled the powder on one side of the food and then turned it over. I know they could still smell it, but they ate it better in the beginning when they couldn't see it.


Staff member
you dont have a required dosage? how do you know they are getting enough?
Recommendations for amount to feed by weight of wet prey are on the website. I'm too lazy to figure out what .18 tsp (0.03oz) looks like in my particular case so I just sprinkle a bit of the powder over the prey. You could also use a food scale to weigh the Mazuri.