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Me.. over-worrying again?

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
So Leto has been sleeping pretty much all day. He got up this morning and played around for a little while then ate a HUGE breakfast (gobbled down 4oz of chicken and beef). Did he normal after meal cleaning, walked around a little then crawled into his cat tree box and has more or less remained there.

Yesterday was a pretty active day and he took a tumble out of the tree. Didn't seem phased at all, got up and proceeded to attack his toy. Ate dinner... dropped a duce at some point last night. LOL

Pam is concerned maybe he hurt himself. Seems to be acting normal other wise, didn't want lunch but I'm not surprised after the breakfast he ate! Yesterday he seemed more concerned with running around than dinner, so I gave him extra for breakfast! :)

So yea... I know it's new parent worries. But love reassurance! :not sure:


Savannah Super Cat
I don't know maybe he needed to recover from breakfast. Hope it passes... Maybe he just needed a lazy day? I'd say if he was running around and playing that night, after his fall, he's probably fine.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
:) Yea, he even chased me around for a bit. I run with his feather toy and he plays nice and just doesn't make me look to slow! LOL


Staff member
Pam and Will, I think you need to sit down for this news, take a shot of something 100 proof too......Leto is....wellll, he's, NORMAL:big grin: Appetite and activity level will change daily if not more, and remember he's still growing so all that food + nap = better bones & muscles. He's like a teenager at this point, sleep all day, eat & prowl a bit at night. FWIW he's at the same age where all 3 of mine started sleeping 18+ hours a day and they still do. When they're awake, they're hellions, so I treasure that crepuscular nature of theirs -- most active for a few hours at dawn and dusk. He may be ready for a schedule change for feeding too, breakfast, no lunch, dinner, and a bedtime feeding or snack or, perhaps feeding 2x per day is sufficient for him at t his point.

We love worriers -- means you care!

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
OK.. so the 100 proof will get me to nap like him! LOL

Yea, I'm hoping he switches to two bigger meals. Working at home I make my lunch and most days that means of course it's lunch for him too. Really, what would I be doing feeding myself first! ;)

Pam is laughing at me cause my right leg is a bit sore from the 'chase daddy and the feather toy' game! LOL

Thanks for putting us worries at ease. Now for that shot! :cool: