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Measure you cats!


Savannah Super Cat
:( Actually it irrates me when I get this type of email, asking me to go measure the cats. But I thought to my self I will at least measure my F1s since I figure even I wonder :cautious:

The measurements are for 6 months of age. Just an average of all four but most are the same for all.

F1 savannah 41 to 42 inch reach.

F1 savannah from the neck to tail they are all 16 to 17 inch but Alba is 22 inches.

F1 savannah from foot to top of head (Not including ears, should I have?) they are 18.5inches to 19 inches

Interesting facts: Alba is longest, shortest tail but shortest height of the girls. Frosting has the longest tail at 11 inches.


Staff member
yeah, I can't stand when I hear that question at shows...over and over big do they get? How long do they get? Sheesh!!!


Staff member
Yup, that is usually the first question people ask me! I honestly do not know, nor do I care lol. I did measure my F6C boy just because I was curious.

The problem is that we are facing so many bans because everyone thinks all Savannahs are HUGE and WILD!!! At cat shows, I always play down the large cat syndrome and play up the personality, etc. Especially in states where F1's are illegal...

But I understand why they ask...I'm glad you are the way you are, Michelle ;)

Trish Allearz

I tell them I don't know nor do I care. My cats are tall and leggy and I care more for the standard then trying for some crazy height. That nonsense bugs me. We all have better things to do with our day! If you are curious and want to measure, great! Otherwise- blah.